Escort barata santiago bi forzado

Pensiones o departamentos para trabajadores en Santiago ?

2023.11.27 21:30 4ndr01d3v Pensiones o departamentos para trabajadores en Santiago ?

Hola amigos, estoy postulando actualmente para varios trabajos híbridos en Santiago. Yo soy de Valpo y me estoy planteando venirme solo por el día a mis 2 jornadas de trabajo semanales (más o menos lo que me piden en todas mis postulaciones).
Pero si lo pienso bien voy a estar 2 semanas re piola, pero ya después voy a empezar a querer morirme si sigo viajando 2 días solo pa trabajar. Necesito saber cuál es su opinión, cual es la forma más eficiente y barata de lograr quedarme en Santiago estos días, por último para descansar hasta que pueda viajar de vuelta a valpo sin quedar hecho mierda.
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2023.11.27 02:18 lxbrt80 1-5 spots in every Latin American country with Street View

Ford Focus RS MKIII (Guadalajara)
BMW M2 F87 (Zapopan)
BMW X4 M Competition (Zapopan)
BMW M3 F80 (Zapopan)
Hummer H1 (Zapopan)
Lotus Evora (San Lucas Sacatepéquez)
BMW X5M E70 (Guatemala City)
Porsche Cayenne GTS (Guatemala City)
Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Guatemala City)
1/700 BMW M4 G82 50 Jahre!! (Panama City)
Audi R8 V10 T42 (Panama City)
Audi R8 V8 T42 + Chevrolet Corvette C3 + Chevrolet Corvette C7 Convertible (Panama City)
Volvo S60 Polestar (Panama City)
BMW X6M E71 (Panama City)
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG W464 (Bogotá)
BMW M3 F80 (Bogotá)
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet 993 (Bogota)
Porsche 911 GT3 991!! (Medellin)
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (Quito)
Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (Quito)
Hummer H1 (Lima)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2018 (Barranco)
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W204 (Lima)
Lexus RC-F (Lima)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Santiago de Surco)
Porsche Cayman (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
Chevrolet Corvette C3 (Las Condes)
Audi R8 V10 T42 (Viña del Mar)
Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Viña del Mar)
Jaguar F-Type R Convertible (Viña del Mar)
Bentley Continental GT (Vitacura)
Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 (Buenos Aires)
Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (Buenos Aires)
Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Buenos Aires)
Porsche Cayenne S (Montevideo)
Porsche 911 Turbo 997 (Sao Paulo)
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W204 (Sao Paulo)
Lamborghini Urus (Sao Paulo)
Maserati GranSport (Sao Paulo)
Maserati Quattroporte VI (Sao Paulo)
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2023.11.26 21:36 Inside_Isopod7185 Am I the asshole for wanting my parents to get a divorce

TW: abuse and homophobia
Some background I (20 afab) and my dad (55 male) have never gotten along very well he is a extreme right wing while I share different beliefs I am bi and non binary and my dad is extremely homophobic (will come back into the story later) he has always been really mentally abusive to me and my mom (54 female) both my parents this is their second marriage and I am my parents only child.
During my senior year of highschool 2021 I (17 at the time) was doing online school that my school was offering instead of going into class after covid and I have never been a good student I do better alone. During the day I had to use my dads email to send him a proof of a essay I was writing and I had opened his email to fine the email address and instead I had found 13+ years of emails to other men asking to have sex with them, past sexual encounters, emails with male escorts, and even more pictures of other men and my dad sending pictures in return. In one of the emails he was talking about how he will only do anal with my mom because it’s like a guy. He was also telling people he had a wife and a kid and telling them our schedules so he could invite people over. After finding all of this out I had takes pictures of the emails and then had a breakdown and asked my friend on what to do and she said to tell my mom. So a few weeks before my graduation I told my mom who didn’t believe me till I showed her the emails and told her where to find them. After she found them she was distraught and blamed me (I don’t blame her they have been married for 24 years now and I was the one who told her that her second husband is doing the same thing her first husband did btw she stopped blaming me after a few months). Since then the mental abuse has gotten way way worse both to me and my mom. I told my mom that she needs to stop putting off getting a divorce and just end it because he won’t stop and I don’t want her to keep being unhappy.
Am I the asshole for telling my mom and ruining their marriage and for telling her to get a divorce?
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2023.11.26 18:14 New-Veterinarian-755 Giovanni Island

I have no words I still need time to recover from this movie Just watch it. This has a dub for anyone that curious please support the actual the GKIDS release Link to blu ray Link to digital:
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2023.11.26 08:54 lofgren777 Why does the Wolf Howl at the Moon?

Why does the Wolf Howl at the Moon?

The Big Idea

  1. By comparing folklore found in PIE-descended cultures, I believe I have identified a god or spirit that was important to PIE mythology but was largely neglected or even erased by descendant religions.
  2. I believe that the conventional method of identifying links between deities – tracing their name or linguistic features of their legend – is not possible in this situation because this god’s name was so taboo that it has been lost. Specifically I believe that the name was the same or very similar to the PIE word for wolf.
  3. I believe that this deity sheds some light on other PIE deities as well as PIE cosmology.

Known Gods

The following PIE gods have been reconstructed by linguists and archaeologists and also feature in the story of the proposed “new” old god.
  1. Dyēws – Father Sky
  2. Dhéǵhōm - Mother Earth
  3. Seh₂ul – Sun
  4. Meh₁not – Moon
  5. Hausōs – Dawn
  6. H₁n̥gʷnis – Fire
  7. Péh₂usōn – Herdeprotector deity
All of these deities are identified as a single gender in the wikipedia pages, but there is actually some ambiguity, particularly with regards to the sun and the moon. In descendant religions, sun and moon may be either male or female, and there seems to be evidence that many of the gods’ names existed in PIE in both masculine and feminine forms. Linguists assume that the male and female versions of the names represented the god and their consort, but it is also possible that the names referred to the same god in masculine and feminine forms.
I tentatively believe that Seh₂ul was actually the sun at midday, in its masculine form, while Hausōs was the feminine sun in the morning and evening. I also believe that Meh₁not was the feminine, or waning, moon while Péh₂usōn was the masculine waxing moon. These are by no means definite, but they are the interpretations I am leaning towards given the role of the new character.
Overall, I believe that Dyēws and Dhéǵhōm had six celestial children who oversaw the world. Two of these represented the sun, two of them the moon, and the last two I will discuss next.

The Third Body

Story Beats

  1. The youngest child (or set of twins) born to Dhéǵhōm and Dyēws was conceived by sexual immorality. The exact nature is uncertain, but it may have been rape, incest, cuckoldry, or all three.
  2. This immoral act was observed by H₁n̥gʷnis, who was punished for their failure to intervene by being cursed to destroy anything they touch.
  3. The children of this union are half god, half dog. These abominations are the first wolves.
    1. In this worldview, the wolf is believed to be a degenerate form of the dog.
    2. The tribe would have known that if a camp dog becomes pregnant by a wolf, the puppies had to be destroyed no matter how cute they are, as they would eventually become aggressive. The wolf was seen as an agent of corruption.
  4. Because the wolf is an unnatural hybrid, it has no natural prey and is always hungry.
  5. In its masculine form, the wolf commits taboo behaviors associated with maleness such as murder, thievery, and rape.
  6. In its feminine form, the wolf seeks to create a savage mockery of a human tribe. She may appear as a beautiful woman to seduce men into her service or kidnap naughty children to join her brood, though she will eventually consume both in spirit, body, or both.
  7. The wolf’s ultimate desire is to eat the sun, which would subvert the appropriate hereditary cycle of the cosmos and lead to the end of the world.
  8. The wolf is opposed in this goal by two figures, a horned hunter and a maiden, which represent the masculine and feminine aspects of the moon.
  9. The maiden distracts the wolf with traps, nets, snares, tricks, and ploys, but wolf always catches her. Though she manages to escape, she is consumed piece by piece, night by night.
  10. The horned hunter then appears and chases the wolf away, forcing him to regurgitate the maiden in the process.
  11. This cycle will continue until the end of time.

Cosmological Role

  1. In the PIE cosmology, the wolf chasing, consuming, and regurgitating the moon each month explained its phases. The waning crescent resembles the silvery hair of a fleeing maiden and the waxing crescent resembles their horned protector god chasing the wolf away again.
  2. The wolf’s occasional near-successes at catching the sun explained solar eclipses.
  3. The wolf was originally believed to be a true third body in the sky that was composed of shadow – a dark sun.
  4. As understanding of astronomy improved in PIE derived societies, there was no need for a hidden satellite anymore. This tradition was preserved in the early Greek concept of Antichthon, but eventually discarded entirely. The wolf’s celestial realm ceased to exist, downgrading it from god to folklore.
  5. As Dhéǵhōm’s responsibilities over life and death were divided among various harvest gods and chthonic gods, some traits of wolf’s shadow realm were shifted to the underworld. For example, its corrupting effects are reflected in the story of Persephone, which may be derived from a PIE story about Dhéǵhōm, Hausōs, and the wolf.

Social Role

  1. The wolf represents temptations and taboos, such as violence and thievery.
  2. The wolf was associated with a rite of passage where boys would live like wolves, in nature and unrestrained by tribal morality (the koryos). The boys would return to the tribe when they had learned to suppress their wolf nature and only call upon it when it would be helpful, e.g. in battle.
  3. In low population density places, this meant surviving in nature without the support of the tribe.
  4. In high population areas, this meant raiding or stealing from neighboring tribes.
  5. As population density rose, the Koryos became unsustainable due to the amount of conflict it brought. Many surviving narratives preserve an image of escalating blood feuds that threaten to destabilize the society until the gods deliver a new order to preserve the peace.
  6. Rather than continuing as independent bands of warriors and cattle thieves, the koryos were brought to heel by the tribal authorities, forming the basis of the newly evolving concept of an army.
  7. Reflecting this social change, in Norse and Hindu legend, the koryos is brought under the control of the sky god. The berzerkers become associated with Odin and the Maruts become associated with Indra.
  8. The threat to the sun is also addressed. Some traditions also have a legend of a new hero finally killing the beast once and for all (Athens) or binding him so that he is no longer a nightly threat (Norse). In Zoroastrian legend, the threat is removed by simply assuring the people that the wolf can never defeat the true god. In Hindu legend, the sun is temporarily extinguished by Agni after raping the dawn, but is reignited by Agni with the help of a human shaman. Agni then promises that the sun will never go out again.
  9. Having lost his relevance to the only tribal institution he was associated with as well as his celestial domain, the wolf loses all authority and becomes a slang term for rapist, murderer, or thief. Eventually the word becomes so taboo that it is lost to most Indo-European languages.
  10. Probably the best preserved version of the character’s role in the belief system is Ahriman of Zoroastrian myth. The best preserved version of the character’s story beats is Loki.
  11. In folklore the character survives as father of werewolves and the mother of the various child-eating and man-seducing witches and spirits that permeate European folklore.

Pastoral Role

This layer of interpretation is the one that makes me think this story might have been part of the animistic substrate to PIE culture rather than the primary religious figures. This also seems to be the oldest and most fragmented version of the story, and as such it is the one I am most tentative about. Nevertheless, the possibilities are tantalizing.
  1. There is a weak association between the sun and boars in Norse legend. Norse legend has two solar boar images. I have not found similar associations between boars and the sun in any other PIE derived religions, but it is still possible that Norse religion is preserving an earlier association.
  2. The links between goats and the moon are fairly obvious, especially if one envisions the waxing moon chasing a wolf out of the sky with its horns lowered.
  3. The maiden has some very weak links to rabbits, and the connection between rabbit ears and the crescent moon is so easy a connection to make that it seems to have been arrived at independently in multiple cultures.
  4. The story may have once encoded a familiar scene to any tribesman in Eurasia: A wolf (or a human) dreaming of boar meat, but only managing to catch a rabbit before he is chased out of the forest by an aggressive goat.
  5. The same story would thus have had three levels of relevance to the tribe:
    1. It provides a narrative with moral instruction that gives structure to their lives and justifies their traditions.
    2. It explains the movement of the sun and moon and the cycle of the seasons.
    3. It tells a story that anyone, even a child, could empathize with. It is a story of hunger and a hunt that did not quite fail but was far from satisfying. Empathy for the wolf would have been important when it was believed to be a fundamental force of nature that humans had to deal with whether they wanted to or not.

Divine Twins

A second element that makes me think this story might be even older than the PIE culture is the divine twins who escort the sun across the sky in recreated PIE mythology. This idea of twin escorts sounds an awful lot like the twin maiden and hunter who protect the sun at night, while it sleeps. It seems possible that the story had already undergone some evolution by the time the divine twins enter the story. Images of the horned man go back to neolithic times all over Europe and Asia.

Péh₂usōn and Meh₁not

Wrapping Péh₂usōn into this story probably seems like the most out-of-left-field element. Accordingly, it is also tentative. It seems possible that Péh₂usōn was another god who only merged with the image of the horned hunter later.
Péh₂usōn is a recreated deity based on Pan and a few others. He is envisioned as a pastoral deity who offers protection to shepherds and their flocks.
The link between Pan and the horned hunter is based mostly on iconography. In preserved versions of the myth, the wolf is opposed or associated with a horned god. The Norse god Tyr was sometimes depicted with a horned helmet, evoking this horned warriohunter, and sometimes depicted with long hair. From iconography, we know that the koryos was presided over by a shaman in a horned headdress or helmet. The image of a wolf-like beast battling a horned warrior is repeated in many ancient tableaus.
I believe that Péh₂usōn was once a goat-horned spirit of herding and hunting. For a very long time, while the society is gradually becoming proper herders, herding and hunting would be intimately related activities. Until the rise of agriculture, there would be little reason to control which pasture the herd moved on to next. There is no need to direct them when there are no fields of crops to keep the animals away from. During this long period, hunting and herding would have been seen as two expressions of the same activity, since the primary role of the herder vs the hunter would not be to control the herd but to decide which animals can be “hunted”/slaughtered and keep the herd sustainable. Through the persistent cattle-raiding that herding societies engaged in, this association would be preserved for a long time.
Spirits descended from Péh₂usōn are often associated with goats or rams, but note that (if my hypothesis is correct) it is more important that he has horns than that the horns come from any specific animal. As the PIE cultures diverged, they would have associated the character with whatever horned animal had importance in their local environment. Similarly, the wolf had a tendency to take on the appearance of any apex predator in the local environment.
I have recreated the character’s evolution like so:
  1. Péh₂usōn is a horned god associated with protection, hunting, and herding.
  2. He is identified with goats and with the waxing moon.
  3. His sistefeminine form is Meh₁not, associated with the waning moon and weaving, rope, nets, traps, and the bow.
  4. His primary ritual role is as the leader of the Koryos. In this role he would:
    1. Appear at the winter solstice to lead the adolescent boys into the forest.
    2. Sacrifice a dog, which would likely be eaten by the boys to symbolize taking its power into themselves. Following this rite, they would become his pack of hunting dogs.
    3. Return at the Spring solstice with the surviving boys and preside over a raucous party and the sacrifice of a horned animal (such as a goat or ram) to celebrate the tribe’s persistence through another winter.
  5. As the PIE diaspora carries Péh₂usōn to new places, hunting becomes less important as a food source.
  6. As the center of power of these religions move into the cities, the role of hunting in the core stories is more as a symbol of social status.
  7. The same pressure that pushed their gods towards choosing a single gender also pushed them towards more clearly defined social roles that were relevant to their new agricultural, hierarchical societies.
    1. In Greece, the feminine form of the moon as huntress evolves into Artemis, while the masculine version becomes a nature spirit worshiped primarily in the countryside, Pan. He also informed the portrayal of Dionysis and Bacchus.
    2. In India, the hunting and protective aspects evolve into Rudra. The light of the moon and sun become linked to Agni, the source of all divine light, who absorbs some of the imagery associated with both forms (e.g. Agni’s goat mount).
    3. In Norse religion, the character initially evolves into Tyr. Tyr’s significance to the cycle of nature is completed with the binding of Fenrir, the wolf. Because he has “already” served his role, the character gradually diminishes in importance, from a god whose significance was once par to Thor’s into a mostly background deity.
    4. In Thracian religion, the feminine form becomes the Virgin Bendis.
    5. In Celtic religion, the character loses his association with the Koryos but retains his association with the solstice and becomes Cernunnos.
    6. In Germanic religion, the feminine form informed Perchta and Holla.
    7. In Minoan religion, the masculine form merges with the wolf and becomes the Minotaur, while the feminine form becomes Ariadne.
    8. In Hittite religion, the feminine form evolves into Inara.
    9. In folklore, the character survives as the leader of the Wild Hunt, and the ritual of the wolf-boys survives as his hounds.

Note on Gender

  1. It seems that the PIE culture had a strictly gendered worldview, and that this worldview was reflected in the gendering of their language.
  2. This binary system seems to have been breaking down even before writing was invented. Indo-Aryan and Indo-European branches treat gender differently. By the time Greek and Latin were evolving, there were multiple neuter genders.
  3. I believe the breakdown in this gendering of the language is due to the PIE diaspora. As the PIE speakers encountered new words and new ideas, they would struggle to fit these new concepts into their gendered worldview. It’s easy enough to know if an object is feminine or masculine when you have a long tradition telling you which it is. Figuring out the gender of something you have never seen before is more challenging.
  4. This gendering of words and ideas may also have presented a challenge to speakers of other languages, who struggled to grasp the nuance of feminine and masculine forms of the same word. As the PIE branch merged with the native speakers, they would discard elements of the language that were ambiguous or redundant, which would break the gender pattern.
  5. Culturally, this worldview was reflected by a belief that many if not most if not all spirits have a dual nature – a feminine and a masculine form, often represented as twins.
  6. Like the linguistic duality, the cosmological duality would break down rapidly during the diaspora. As the beliefs of PIE speakers gradually came to resemble their new neighbors more than their cousins on the other side of the continent, their dual, bi-gendered gods would be pressured to resemble the gods of their new homes, including having a single gender if that is the local custom.
Please share your thoughts. Thank you for reading.
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2023.11.25 07:23 Short_Accountant7633 AITAH for causing a lockdown at my school?

I 17(F) go to school with this girl Bella 17(F). Back in year seven, Bella had caused a fight in the whole friend group and tried hitting a girl in a wheel chair (Maya) and i stopped Bella to defend Maya. Bella continued to hit me and i defended myself. Since then she has never tried anything aggressive with me or my friends. However she has always caused problems and fights with others.
Mid year this year, one of our teachers who used to teach at a prison had become a head teacher. We had a whole school assembly after a fight had happened at the school causing two kids to go to the hospital. The teacher informed us that at any inconvenience he will put the school in a lockdown. Since then no one had caused any issues.
I have been in a class with Bella every year since i’ve gone to this school and i have always stayed respectful and civil with her because it isn’t worth my time (not in a way to push her buttons, just if we cross paths i’m not gonna be rude). She has always been rude back and i just ignore it. This year we were in foundation maths together (easy math).
Yesterday, in math, it was our last lesson before exams. There were about five other kids in the class all stressing about not knowing about some of the work. So our amazing teacher was going to have to help everyone. Bella was running around the class drinking a clear water bottle full of ‘vodka’. The teacher was clearly worried about her. Bella kept acting drunk, causing drama, screaming and yelling, falling over, running into walls, flipping tables and chairs. The teacher was doing his best to get her to sit down and calm down. All his time went into Bella and not the students in need of help. Which at the time was somewhat understandable. Until she went to ‘vomit’ in the bin. I was the only one with a clear view of the bin and nothing came out of her mouth, she yelled over the class and said she vomitted and she was drunk. I got up and smelled and drank out of the bottle of ‘vodka’… it was just water. And finally the bell went.
Bella went out into the hall way to run away from our teacher. She was in the doorway, blocking everyone including three other classrooms from leaving to get to their next class. She had already wasted every bodies time and now wasting other year 12 classes time. So i said to her “You’ve got the attention, now move out the fucking way” our teacher realised and moved her out of the doorway. She didn’t say anything or even look at me.
I get into my next class and about 10 minutes in i hear her coming into the classroom screaming “fight me bi?$h”. I sat there looking around to see who she was talking to, i genuinely didn’t realise that she was pissed at me. When i did realise she got in my face trying to make me fight her and i just laughed at her. Our teacher runs to the office across the room to get teachers to get the office to begin a lockdown. In that time Bella started yelling at my friend who was trying to defend me and slapped her. I ended up pushing her away.
The school went into lockdown, the teachers had to escort me away from Bella and she was escorted out of the school by police and she’s been suspended. I have been getting some dirty looks and comments from her friends. And i’m just wondering AITAH? I only ever touched her when she hit my friends, i never commented on her behaviour until that one point after she had wasted everyone’s time faking being drunk (i promise there’s zero chance that she was, she has faked being drunk multiple times before and our math teacher was new and thought it was serious.) But i want to know what you guys think.
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2023.11.24 04:03 Fine-Funny6956 New Glitch?

My character is an escort but I noticed this with supervisors having a second job title in spite of their main job.
This is new and I haven’t noticed this before (it is kind of funny sometimes, but it’s goofy for every supervisor to have multiple jobs.)
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2023.11.22 12:21 Unknown_Swe Nahhh:(

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2023.11.22 03:46 critical_courtney [My Aunt, The Vampire] — Chapter Ten

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Previous chapter
Chapter Ten:
The first couple of hours flew by at nearly vamp speed. I protested attending school with only a few hours of sleep. Jazmine tossed me an energy drink and wrote on a sticky note, “Vampire strength, remember?” And — fair. I didn’t feel like I usually did when I only had a couple of hours of sleep.
But my brain still dragged a little, at least until I’d drained the can of sugar and caffeine that served as my pre-breakfast warmup. Two bagels covered in cream cheese and a bowl of blueberries later, and I was feeling a bit more awake.
Of course, everything changed the moment I stepped out into the sunlight. All that inner morning peace Aunt Jazmine had tried to inspire with a balanced breakfast blew out to sea. And most of what remained was bitchiness and general hatred for that yellow dot in the sky making my life miserable.
My skin didn’t smoke or blister, but it sure felt like a cruel god had focused a magnifying glass at just the right angle to make me feel like an ant standing on a hill, cursing existence for all of its righteous light.
With a fierce throb, my head felt like I was underwater the entire ride to school. Jazmine offered to escort me to the central office, but I waved her off. She signed, “Have a good day.”
I rolled up to the front doors wearing black leggings, used Docs, a t-shirt with the name of a local lobster company on it, and a denim jacket. My hair was tied back into a sloppy bun held together with a pencil that was, at this point, much sturdier than me.
Aunt Becky wasn’t lying, I thought. Can someone put the fucking sun out?
Hoping some sky giant would lick her fingers and then put the sun out like an old candle powered me through until I was indoors. I even made the little TTTSSSTT sound with my tongue for extra satisfaction.
My wish didn’t come true, but the daydream sparked a smirk, which I wore right into the central office, shaking hands with the principal for some reason, and taking my schedule as I was walked to my locker, which I discovered was #93. My new lucky number? Guess I’d find out.
The boy escorting me had brown skin and wore tight jeans with a sweater that had the school’s mascot front and center. A bulldog stared at me holding a baseball bat in its jaws.
“So. . . Arkansas. You’ve come a long way, Vedalia,” he said as I got my textbook out for AP European History and a few other classes. “I’m Ramón.”
He directed me down a hall, and I took a deep breath. All the cockiness I’d desperately clung to in order to avoid feeling nervous on my first day of school dissolved like cotton candy in water. And I was just a mystified raccoon staring at the pond, wondering where it all went.
“Yeah. . . long story. I won’t bore you with the family drama details,” I said, smiling. “Thanks for showing me around, by the way. I appreciate it.”
We passed a couple of large restrooms and a smaller unisex bathroom with a lock that said “occupied.” My boots squeaked on the gray tile floors of the hallway.
As we walked by the lunchroom, I smelled preparations for the day, cheap pepperoni and cheese pizza meant to feed 1,000 students at staggered meals. I had Lunch B, which meant I’d eat 30 minutes after those with Lunch A. As I understood it, they’d be hanging out in the gym for freestyle exercise.
When I asked about it, Ramón shrugged and said, “It’s not as big a deal as it sounds. You can play basketball or walk laps around the gym. Most kids choose to sit in the bleachers and talk with their friends until the bell rings and the coaches tell us to go grab lunch.”
After a little more digging, I learned Ramón had Lunch A. Fuck. So much for having a friendly face to sit with and avoid a “Mean Girls” situation on my first day.
“I like your boots,” Ramón said, pointing to the scuffed leather with familiar yellow threads around the outside.
“Thanks. I like your bracelet,” I said, pointing to the little silver chain he wore with several charms on it. I spotted a baseball, a trumpet, a dragonfly, and a tiny rainbow.
My guide grinned.
“When you’re settled, you should think about joining GSA. I’m the president, and my boyfriend is our treasurer. We meet every Friday at lunch, and you get to eat in our super cool club room instead of the cafeteria.”
“That obvious, huh?” I giggled.
“Sweetie, you wore a denim jacket and Docs on your first day of school here. I can only imagine what that says about how repressed you were back in Arkansas. But you might as well have parked your beat-up old Subaru in the senior lot and polished your ‘my other ride is my girlfriend’ bumper sticker.’”
I now knew what it felt like to have the color drain from my face as the sound of a toilet flushing played in my brain.
Eureka Springs was a pretty gay little town by Arkansas standards. But I’d never gotten to be out there as a gay girl. I didn’t get to come home to my parents and ask them if my girlfriend could come over for dinner.
Well — okay, I got to try that once. But then I woke up imprisoned by a cult. So. . . I wasn’t exactly used to it here. Being a dyke in high school here sounded good in theory. But we’d just left theories behind and crossed over into the territory of practical application the moment I walked through the front door.
“Yeah. . .well. You got me. Sign me up for the alliance, I guess,” I said, trying to avoid walking too close to a large window that overlooked a busy Cumberland Ave. outside.
“Great! We’re always looking for new members. You single?” he asked in a way that managed to avoid sound prying and gossipy.
“Tragically,” I muttered, thinking of Mika, who might have been wondering why I’d suddenly vanished from school. Did Ebeneazar call the school and give them a cover story? I was suddenly faced with the realization that I knew shockingly little about my own disappearance and what that meant for the people who knew me back home.
Ramón’s voice called my focus back to the present.
“We have a few spectacularly single girls in the club. I could introduce you if you want,” Ramón said.
That sounded like fun, so why did Purple Hair Girl suddenly pop into my head? We’d had one conversation, and it was a disaster. There was no way we’d ever. . . I mean — she might not even go to school here.
Only one way to be sure, I thought.
My mouth fired off the question before I even had the chance to think about it.
“Do you know a girl named Agatha, by chance? She has purple hair, and I think she takes art classes at the school over on Congress Street?”
Ramón stopped walking, so I did too, my heart sinking at whatever had garnered this reaction from him.
“Agatha Dean? Yeah, I know her. Well — ‘know’ might be a strong word. I know her name and a couple of assorted facts about her. She’s pretty closed off.”
Yeah, she is pretty, my brain thought, dreamily, not hearing the last two words of the GSA president’s sentence.
Shaking my head to try and focus, I cleared my throat.
“I just, um, bumped into her at the bodega. Her father said she goes here is all. I was curious,” I said, trying to play it cool. Did I need to make eye contact with him to sell it, or did I just stare ahead nonchalantly? What would convince him I was chill and not at all desperate for any shred of information I might glean from him?
Ramón nodded and mercifully decided to avoid giving me shit about it.
“You won’t see her in the mornings. She takes a university art course for college credit. And then she comes back here to finish up after lunch. Sounds exhausting to me, but she’s already lined up several scholarships for her work, so what do I know?”
Oh damn. She’s a serious artist, I thought, trying to avoid thinking of ways to ask her to show me her work. Because that’d be creepy. And I’m definitely not a creep. I’m barely a vampire.
“Anyway, you might not have much luck with Agatha. She’s kind of an ice queen. Not mean. . . just extraordinarily focused on her work and dedication to being a loner. I’ve been trying to get her to join GSA for months. The most I can get out of her is a noncommittal shrug or grunt. But you know who is much more available and way prettier?”
I shook my head.
“There’s a girl in your AP English Lit class named Miranda. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, an amazing dancer, and our club’s most eligible bi-bachelorette. And if you’re not into dancing, there’s always Ài, our school’s top violinist. She consistently places first or second chair each year in All-State. And I’ve had three different girls tell me Ài was the best first date they’ve ever had. Assuming you’re cool with dating trans girls.”
I shrugged. Why wouldn’t I be?
“Girls are girls, dude,” I said.
Ramón flashed me his most charming smile yet.
“You and I are going to get along just fine,” he said, smoothing back his wavy black hair. “And I’ll take any chance I can get to brag about my GSA members. They’re all amazing.”
Nodding and resuming walking after Ramón toward my first period, I felt a little more at ease. GSA sounded like a great place to make new friends. Ài and Miranda both seemed like a great start to finding my first official girlfriend.
So why couldn’t I stop thinking about the alleged ice queen? The way she called me Coffee Girl and teased me without mercy. She wasn’t even here half the time.
Theoretically, Ài was here all day. So we could hold hands walking to class or meet at each other’s lockers, maybe even have lunch together.
But Agatha. . ., my mind kept thinking.
Once again, Ramón’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts, my stupid distracting purple thoughts.
“Here you go. First class of the day, Mythology and Folklore. The teacher’s name is Mr. Duffy. And he’s one of those guys who tries way too hard to be chill. He’ll sit on his desk on Fridays and practice guitar. But he’s pretty nice. You should ask him about why Bigfoot actually belongs in Maine instead of the Pacific Northwest. That’ll get him going.”
We said our goodbyes, and I walked toward my first period, suddenly feeling vulnerable and nervous again. My hands were sweaty, and my eyes were darting in way too many directions.
“Hello darkness, my old friend. . .” I muttered, turning the doorknob.
Mythology and Folklore turned out okay after I flubbed an introduction where Mr. Duffy asked me for my favorite cryptid in front of the class. I almost choked on my spit trying to avoid the word “vampire.” A few people snickered. But I took my seat and remained relatively invisible for the next 50 minutes.
The rest of the morning was a blur of saying my name to 20 strangers and sitting at a desk that just did not feel normal after 30 days of a hostage experience.
During freestyle exercise, I managed to follow a decent-sized crowd to the gym and not get lost while I waited 30 minutes for lunch. My stomach growled.
Quiet. I haven’t even used any vamp powers today, I thought. You don’t get to sing me the song of your people unless I do.
I found a lonely corner of the bleachers behind a group of girls who were talking about Katniss. Suddenly, it felt like I was once more a little girl.
“All that’s old is new again,” I muttered, checking my phone and fucking around for a few minutes on Reddit. I quickly discerned the Portland, Maine subreddit served two main functions: complaining about unhoused people camping and trying to figure out the source of mysterious noises at night.
Exhilarating, I thought.
A shout drew my attention to one of the basketball goals. The gym had two main goals and then a couple off to the side that were used for practice and folded up to the ceiling during games.
A girl was surrounded by about four or five larger guys. Her curly red hair shook back and forth as she told one of the guys “no.” I didn’t hear what he was asking for, but his body language suggested he wanted the ball.
Focussing on my hearing and straining my ears, I picked up his voice.
“Just give me the ball, tranny. That equipment is for the girls' team. You can go grab one of the boys’ basketballs from the crate over there,” he said, taking another step toward the girl.
My fists clenched upon him hearing him use that word.
The girl held her basketball tighter and scowled, trying to cover up her shaking arms. Her knees were locked and her shoulders were all bunched up.
“Fuck off, Dillon,” she said with a strained voice. “You know I’m the girls’ team manager. And even if I wasn’t, do you realize how monumentally stupid it is to gender sports equipment?”
Dillon shrugged.
“I’m not gonna ask again. Hand over the ball, girl-boy,” he said. “Unless, of course, you want me to take it away from you.”
Dillon was wearing his team jersey and matching shorts. His trimmed black hair was spiked and looked like it consumed a metric liter of gel every single morning. He had the body of a ballplayer, thick legs, and toned arms.
His teammates stood around their prey like a wall of muscle cutting off any escape. Nobody moved to help her. In fact, most of the students weren’t paying any attention. And she appeared too stressed and ashamed to call out for help.
I looked for a coach nearby, but unsurprisingly, they were sitting in a nearby office on their computers.
The girl’s painted fingernails clutched her basketball tighter. And today was the day I learned the basketballs women played with were a little smaller.
Ice spread through my chest as I heard him almost whisper, “Go ahead. Call for help. See if Coach Janet comes and bails you out again. You know she only lets you manage the team because the district makes her, right? They’re scared of a lawsuit.”
Dillon advanced on the girl, and she retreated closer to the wall.
“You know what, Dillon? You can have the ball if you can answer a quick question for me.”
“What’s that?” he asked.
I watched her jaw clench. She was about to throw gasoline on the fire. I’d seen that look in the mirror too many times growing up.
“Where did you learn that word?”
“What word? Tranny?”
“No. . . lawsuit. Kind of a big word for someone like you. Was it in the crossword on the back of your cereal box this morning? Kudos for sounding it out and saying it right.”
A self-satisfied smirk crossed her lips to hide any fear that I was sure swallowed her alive on the inside.
One of the basketball players chuckled, but Dillon silenced him with a snappy head-turn and glare. When he turned back to his victim, the ballplayer’s eyes were wild with malicious intent.
“My dad always taught me never to hit a girl. But since you’re just pretending to be one, I don’t think what I’m about to do will count,” he said, popping the knuckles on his right fist.
“I’ll try to remember that when I see your name in the paper. I’m guessing you’ll go away for domestic abuse before you’re 20,” she said, defiant to the end.
Dillon sneered and drew back his arm as I suddenly stood.
Hate. Venom. Rancor. That’s what I felt at this moment. Such intense animosity towards this boy did I carry that my fist clenched the handrail by the stairs hard enough to leave an imprint.
“When you wake up in the nurse’s office, I want you to think about how angry you made me today and whether it was worth it to get your jaw wired shut,” Dillon hissed.
Time slowed. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to smash his face into the bleachers. There are 14 bones in the human face, and I wanted to shatter each one of them. He’d miss the whole damn season, assuming he ever played again. People like him didn’t deserve to share oxygen with the rest of us.
Wait a minute. Did “us” include Vedalia? I meant people, right? He didn’t deserve to share air with the rest of us people. But I didn’t feel like a person at the moment. With a hiss and rush of power, I felt more like a monster. And I wanted to be one.
But most of all, I think I wanted Dillon to see a monster, and his teammates, too. They were complicit in this bullshit, even if they didn’t raise a finger to hurt her.
Fine, I thought, snapping to attention. I’ll be a monster.
Dillon’s hand darted forward, aimed at the girl’s jaw. And I appeared at her side without warning. Her green eyes were starting to move in my direction and register a new presence when I caught the bully’s fist in my palm.
Two days ago, this would have left my hand bruised. But I was Vedalia Vamp now. I wasn’t sure if this was what Becky had in mind when she made me her First.
Whatever, I thought. Que Sera, Sera.
Dillon’s blue eyes widened in shock at my sudden appearance. Then he registered that I’d caught his punch with ease. It must have felt like striking a brick wall without warning.
My arm felt frigid, full of chilled strength. That ice spread through my veins to my chest and then my other arm as, in one fluid motion, I pulled Dillon toward me, threw my shoulder into his stomach, lifted him clear off the ground, and walked over toward a trash can.
I heard a few gasps around as I spun the 210-pound ballplayer and planted him facedown in the garbage.
The trash can was big enough to swallow his torso, and it rattled around on its wheels as Dillon kicked and yelled obscenities. But it mysteriously held firm, not falling to either side.
Walking back over to the girl who stood there with her jaw agape, I said, “My name’s Val. I’m new here.”
The bell rang.
Perfect timing, I thought.
“Amelia,” the other girl stammered, looking behind me at Dillon as he continued to kick awkwardly.
His teammates exchanged glances and then ran over to help free their buddy.
“How did you do that?” Amelia asked.
She stood there awkwardly in a lavender skirt and a cute matching top, sleeves falling just short of her wrists.
“Um, martial arts. Can you show me where the lunchroom is?”
I felt a familiar and creeping hunger starting to burble in the pit of my guts. And suddenly, I knew I could eat 74 slices of that cheap pepperoni pizza. Or sausage. Whatever they had that was covered in pork.
Amelia raised an eyebrow and then pointed toward an exit with her chin. It was in the opposite direction of Dillon, who remained imprisoned in his cell of garbage.
“Follow me,” she said. And I did.
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2023.11.18 12:02 Valuable-Pain3713 kral şakir script

Kral şakır
Aslan Remzi:oo necati, senin ki kalkmış yine.
Fil necati:Sorma ya. Soba borusu gibi oluyor.
Kadriye:remzinin ki bamya kadar. Hiç bu kadar büyüğünü görmemiştim. Sik beni necati.
Keçi Necmi: bana da hortumunu sok necati.
Aslan remzi: bende bari şakiri sikeyim
Kadriye:Ahhh ohhh kaç cm bu necati
Fil necati:başıyla beraber 53 cm
Köpek Tanju : ee bana kim kaldı
Canan: sende beni sik Tanju abi
Kral şakir : baba dönde biraz biz rahatlayalım
Canan: ağğğğh
Kadriye: ne oldu kızım
Canan: Tanju abi götüme gofret soktu
Kral Şakir : baba sende de iyi kasa varmış.
Peyami dede : ben de güvercinleri sikeyim bari
Fil necati: Necmi ilk posta geliyor. ( ve 4 litre boşalır)
Kadriye:aaaa Necmi öldü.
Huysuz Cüneyt : Benim ölü fantezim var Bi 31 iyi gider.
Mirket: necati bu kondom senin laboratuvarda özel ürettim 5 l kapasitesi var. İşini çabuk bitir bende kadriyeyi sikicem
Şakir: aaa Tanju abi yarrağımı ısırdı
Tanju: o gofret değil miydi ya
Necati: ben biraz Peyami dedeyi sikicem ( yarrağı sokar ve Peyami dede ölür)
Huysuz Cüneyt : canan sen bakire misin?
Canan : değilim akbaba Kürşat benim geçen hafta kızlığımı bozdu
Şakir: baba seninki kalkmıyor.
Mirket : al bu kremi laboratuvarda özel ürettim +15 cmi var
Remzi: gel senin üstünde deneyeyim
Kadriye:kapı çaldı kim acaba
Cüneyt: ben escort çağırdım
Canan: şakir gel abla kardeş fantezisi yapalım
Necati: benim 2.posta geliyor ( kondomu delip boşalır)
Necati: herkes öldü Bi tek escort kaldı onu da 23 posta sikeyim de şu siki indireyim Mutlu son
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2023.11.18 07:52 ExoticPlankton8287 Lesbian/bi (F) escorts

I’m recently out as bi. For various complicated reasons (mainly guilt) I won’t cheat on my husband but he has given me permission to sleep with other women as long as he knows what I’m doing and don’t go behind his back. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. I’m wondering if lesbian or bi escorts are morally wrong for me to consider, I don’t want to exploit anyone but also, I can’t keep this in forever. I have looked on AdultWork as recommended and they’re pretty rare - even the ones who identify as bisexual don’t seem to take female clients. Has anyone ever done this and can advise was it worth it, did you feel like you were objectifying her, or is it a solution to my (not uncommon) situation?
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2023.11.17 20:30 CringeRizz Is my foreigner friend (21F) into me (23F)?

Hello, I'm a bi woman (23F) and I'm not sure if my friend (21F) is seriously flirting with me or if it's just the typical jokingly flirt that straight women do. Sorry if my English is bad, it's not my native language.
I'm a European woman who's friends with a South Korean woman. She moved to my country a few months ago and we've been getting closer and closer since a month ago more or less. We were only acquaintances before. We started getting closer after she burned a little bit her hand while cooking and I gifted her a cream for burns. After that she started to be much more touchy with me. She pats my head, she touches a lot my arms and grabs my hand, she grabs my face and tells me I'm cute, she puts her hand on my knee while sitting down next to each other, she puts her hands around my shoulders and puts her head touching mine, she gives me longs hugs and she even gave me a back hug putting her hands on my waist while I was talking to another female friends. She's also a little bit touchy with her friends, but I've notice that she's not that touchy with her other friends as she's with me. She usually "jokingly" flirts with me like she points something for me to look at and she says "wow, so beautiful" and then when I look at her hand, she's pointing at me. She also give me a lot of compliments. She usually sends me photos of herself (not dirty, just cute or funny) on Insta DM's and she once told me that a drink reminded her of me. I think she doesn't do the flirting part and the photo part at all with her other friends (I don't know, it just look like that). When we are friends friends we always end up sitting next to each other or talking close to each other, I don't know how, it's like we have magnets pulling to each other.
She's an introvert, but I think we have connected really well and a little bit fast. We've hanged out alone 2 times. In our first "date" she suddenly told me that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend (I didn't even know she was dating someone) and she then asked me about what's most important for me in life (love, money, etc...). I escorted her home (since it was late at night), we hugged a few times and she wanted to see me leave before opening the door of her home. Before our second "date" we had a Halloween party with our friends and classmates. We wanted to escape from the others (she's an introvert) so we went to a room and we closed the door. I don't remember well how were we talking to each other, but I think we were close and she had her arm around my shoulders. A female friend of ours opened the door while we were talking and she seemed shocked. Our friend said "sorry for interrumpting and left closing the door". I just follow our friend joking with her so she didn't mis understand the situation and the girl left the room we were in a rush in for a couple of minutes.
In our second "date", we went to see a movie together at the cinema. I dressed nice. We really had a good time together and I escorted her home again. We again hugged to say goodbye at her door, but she looked hesitant about entering home. She suddenly told me that I should not dress nicely for her, but for a good-looking man. I told her I didn't want to hang out with a handsome man. Then she asked me about what's my ideal type. I told her that I don't have an ideal physical type, I just want to be with a mentally healthy person who I have a connection with. She told me that she agrees and that she has very bad experiences dating men and that she's not interested in dating right now, she only wants to be friends with men. I told her that maybe she's focusing in the wrong people and maybe she should look elsewhere. She was like a little surprised or excited (maybe it was just my perception) and asked me what did that mean. I just told her that there's plenty of people on the world and that she should look elsewhere and someday maybe she will find someone good for her. We hugged again to say goodbye and I went home. That night at home I reposted on my Insta stories a post from another account saying "physical attraction is common, but emotional connection is rare) and she liked my story.
I know that talking about relationships and asking for your ideal type is common between friends in South Korea, but for me the context is seemed all off (maybe I'm being paranoid). The thing is, she's clearly stated that she has dated men and she finds some actors attractive, but she hasn't clearly said that she's not into women. My other South Korean female friends has very clearly stated that they only like men, but this girl hasn't said that she only likes men. Sometimes I jokingly ship my female friends as a joke and she's the only one who doesn't look annoyed by the joke. In fact, the only time I jokingly shipper her with another friend she didn't look annoyed or disgusted, but between laughs she jokingly ships her with herself. I don't know if that means she's just opened minded (ally) or she's just not interested in talking about women like that or maybe she's also bi, but in the closet. I don't even know if she knows that I'm bi.
Maybe this is just a culture shock and I'm misunderstanding everything. What do you think? I'm not sure if I should clearly tell her that I'm bi because Asian cultures are not that accepting about LGBT, so I worry that I could make her uncomfortable or receive a bad reaction from her. Should I also ask her if she's into women? Honestly, I'm kinda confuse with this whole situation.
Thank you for reading 💖
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2023.11.17 09:27 broccauliflower_ Why does this keep happening?

Why do I always end up millions in debt when I continue as my child? This has happened countless times now and I'm so confused
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2023.11.11 15:35 Feyfyre1 Humanity’s Awakening – The Parasitic God Arc (Complete) – Chapter 30.1 (His Connection To Me Is Through My Joy - 2 of 2)

First : Previous : Next
The crowd erupted in cheers only to be drowned out by another sonic boom Crow from Seth. Cara jumped into Seth’s arms just after she’d nuzzled Keanu to thank him for both the courage and celebratory Crows. And right after that, Jessica grabbed Seth’s long ear and told him not to do it again.
The best part of Denning ceremonies were always the festival afterwards where the audience got the chance to congratulate the newly joined, offer gifts or other small honors, mingle with those around them to reconnect with those they missed, and connect with those who they found interesting. And in this double ceremony, there were many of the latter.
Saral’Aureila’s Moon-Maidens were ever diligent female De’Nari because they not only joined in with the festivities, but they also made sure that their charges were never left out of the festive affairs. And this was always the risk the Moon-Maiden order took in these ceremonies because the Moon-Maidens themselves weren't prohibited from finding a mate, though it wasn't a priority. It never failed that Saral’Aureila would lose a few of her order during these happy times. While Saral’Aureila stood upon her altar’s step to just watch and enjoy the vibes emanating around, she noticed one of her younger Moon-Maidens sitting awfully close to the dashingly exotic Lardent’Dant over by the fence. Just by Amari’s tail and hand movements and Lardent’s excited talking and chuffing, Saral’Aureila knew Amari was going to be one of her lost ones and Saral’Aureila couldn't be happier for her.
And damnit, if she didn't get startled again when a soft voice spoke into her ear, "You seem different. You look fantastic but different," Seth said to her which had Saral’Aureila almost jump out of her skin… again.
"What is it with today?! Is everyone out to scare the life out of me or something?!" She yelled at his smiling smug face while Saral’Aureila held onto her microphone stand for dear life. "I swear, the next person who startles me is gonna get turned over my knee and beat within an inch of their life! Quit laughing at me you nightmare thing, you!"
Seth didn't stop laughing even when he pulled her into a hug, something he'd never done to her before. It should've sent her alarms off, but it felt wonderful, and she began giggling along with him until they both calmed down. The Lone Hunter hugged me!!! Was the only thought in her head until he spoke.
"Come on high priestess, I want to escort you to our table. Voren has requested that you be the first to discuss the names for her two new cubs to be."
It was rare to be asked, so Saral’Aureila never turned down a naming opportunity like that. "Lead on, then. I can't wait to get off my feet too."
Seth held her by the waist the whole way. Saral’Aureila noticed but kept getting distracted by the different guests they passed who spoke to her when they made their way to a big table under a large shade tree outside of the pasture. All of the Monsters of Avalon were there, either sitting or standing while a parade of government and other officials came by to talk. Voren and Le were being brought all they needed by some of Jake's people who were serving the VIPs.
Voren was glowing brighter now more than ever because she kept touching both her belly and her new finger ring and arm band in turn. Le was just pride itself wrapped in metal and fur as he doted on Voren and laughed at all of the good-natured ribbing. Having him breaking out of his normally stoic shell was a grand event in itself and led to all at the table truly enjoying the big De’Nari’s company.
Saral’Aureila came and gently made her presence known. Jessica spotted her and gave up her seat next to Voren. She then all but pushed Saral’Aureila into it. And Voren, the excited mother to be, grabbed Saral’s hands and put them on her belly for Saral’Aureila to be given the gift of knowing what was to come. Voren said in happy contentment, "Saral, they’re twins. You know I’m going to insist you be my midwife, right?."
"Oh, yes. I’ll be here for these two just like all the others. They feel strong and healthy to me. I was told you wanted help with their names, true?"
Voren nodded rapidly but said, "Later, not now. I want to talk with you in private about it, so please, don't leave before then."
Saral’Aureila hadn't felt a happy baby bump in a while and didn't want to take her hands away, but did, so she could say, "It seems I may have to stay longer than I intended as it is. Would you have any room to spare for me?"
Saral’Aureila was greeted by a loud chorus of yeses. However, there was one face that wasn't exactly happy about it and that was Kathy in the back of the group who seemed apprehensive of Saral’Aureila staying in the compound. But it was too late because Jessica and Voren insisted that she stay in the new quarters that had been cleaned for any of the others who were even now matching up with Ring De’Nari.
After that, the festivities and talks and dancing and cheers and all of the fun blurred together which all left Saral’Aureila swearing never to do a double joining along with a match making service ever again. It was overwhelming… wonderful… but still overwhelming.
Thankfully she got a respite when Allessandra 'borrowed' her, put her on the back of a little vehicle and about killed her heart again when she raced them perilously around dirt trails to end up at Kathy's large dwelling.
Saral’Aureila nearly fell off the thing as her warrior grinned mischievously at her. "What the green moon, Allessandra?! I'm old! And why haven't you gotten dressed yet?!"
Allessandra was chuckling at Saral’Aureila while she helped her up. "One, you don't look old, two, I like how I look, and three, you had fun, but you like fussing at people more."
It was Saral’Aureila’s turn to chuckle. "You're not allowed to get that wise around me. You can't have my job. Now go before I take that sword off your back and pop that tail of yours."
Allessandra hugged her and took her hand to lead her up the steps and to the door. It opened before they got there and Delik bowed to them. "High Moon-Maiden, Kathy and I went ahead and rounded up all who need to attend this meeting now so we can clear the air and avoid any misunderstandings that may come with how fast things are moving."
Saral’Aureila could've nuzzled the big purple thing. "I swear, you are the best De’Nari Moon-Maiden of us all. Thank you."
Delik seemed unfazed by the praise, but Saral’Aureila knew better. That small smile of hers and six twinkles in her eyes meant she would float for days.
Saral’Aureila entered the grand room and was led to the right into a comfortable receiving area lined with cushioned chairs and deep cushioned couches. Saral’Aureila went straight to the biggest flumph couch and plopped right down to message her toes between her claws. "Oooo. I needed that."
Kathy's amused voice found her when she sat beside Saral’Aureila. "I was going to say make yourself at home, but you beat me to it."
"Kathy, right now, you are my favorite human. If you could spare something to drink that isn't spiked with alcohol, I'd keep you on that list for three weeks."
Kathy covered her mouth and giggled wonderfully back at her. Then she called out, "Aiden, be a dear and bring this poor thing some lemonade and a straw."
Aiden, the strapping blonde son of hers had already changed out into more comfortable clothes. Some blue jean shorts and a thing called a muscle shirt. The muscles Saral’Aureila saw rippling under his skin would give even Keanu a run for his credit.
Saral’Aureila looked around and saw Delik sit in front of her mate Vlak so he could massage her neck and wings. Seth was over towards the back of the room in one of those comfy chairs with Jessica on his lap while they talked excitedly to each other in hushed voices. Kathy's husband Jake was pacing not far away while talking to someone on the phone. The call didn't seem to be an issue because he was laughing a little. But a snippet caught her interest when he said, "It's a gift from Seth and me. No, it's not poisoned, you schmuck! It's a wedding day and we thought you guys would just appreciate some good booze. Yes! Please tell Alex I'll see him tomorrow and update him on who's staying and the next phase..."
Saral’Aureila didn't hear any more because he walked out and around the corner. Then she felt a heaviness on her legs and found that Allessandra had sat on the floor to lean on her. The big sword was sheathed and had been sat up in the far corner. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked amused.
Alessandra leaned her head back and answered smiling, "I'm not getting my butt beat with my sword so I'm guarding you."
Saral’Aureila patted her head. "You're learning!! There's hope for you yet!" she said happily. Kathy just shook her head at both of them in amused satisfaction.
Kathy patted Alessandra's head but directed the conversation to Saral’Aureila. "Sorry Saral’Aureila, she's my guard first but I'll let it go this time since you're my honored guest. However, I've heard many stories about you over the years. They don't do you justice."
"Oh. I'm sure they don't. I'm much worse in person and I eat wayward maidens for breakfast and am not afraid to put anyone in their place when they step out of line. Isn't that so, Delik?"
Delik’s eyes opened, and she smiled deviously. "Mrs. Donovan, I apologize, but I seem to be her biggest joy and greatest thorn in her… foot."
Allessandra laughed out loud at that just as Aiden returned with a tray full of drinks. "Delik. You?! You're a pain in her ass?! Oh wow! I'd have never thought!"
Delik tried to frown but the room had heard Allessandra’s outburst and they all snickered at her. "I have to admit, I keep Saral’Aureila on her claw tips though I don't mean to," she said after a few moments, still chuckling softly.
Saral’Aureila called out to the room in general, "No laughing at Delik’s expense. That's my job and none of you have earned it from me yet. Now. Where's that big son of yours with the refresh… aaahhh! Just what I needed. Thank you, Aiden," she said after Aiden handed her the last tall glass of iced lemonade with a straw in it.
He sat down next to her and smiled winningly, "You're very welcome. Glad to help."
Saral’Aureila drank a lot and was grateful because it soothed her throat and thirst. Allessandra had shifted over to sit between them and put an arm on both her leg and Aiden’s, treating them both like the arms of a throne. Saral’Aureila sighed and ignored the over familiarity. She wasn't home and would probably have to ignore a lot. Like how five younger human cubs walked in with trays of snacks and the one she knew as Delik’s daughter Kimiko had a chain around her neck attached to who clearly had to be an offspring of Queen Xalansss. Even though that daughter was serving, she was still clearly the master of the other one.
Saral’Aureila tried to bite her tongue, but it would not stay silent. "Delik! What is the meaning of that?!" She said pointing to Kimiko who looked at her like she'd been slapped.
Delik frowned and spoke low but firm. "Saral’Aureila. I should have warned you and for that I apologize. My daughter has aligned herself with Daughter Queen Xallessica and the chain is only a symbol of that commitment. Nothing more. As is the chain I wear when I visit Queen Xalansss."
Saral’Aureila crooked her finger at Kimiko. "Come here, Kimiko."
Kimiko looked at a frowning Xallessica and then at her parents who weren't exactly happy, but they nodded.
Xallessica set down her tray on a table and took Kimiko’s to set hers down as well. Then she walked with Kimiko across the room to Saral’Aureila and seemed firm about not removing the chain in any way.
Saral’Aureila scooted forward and pointed at the floor indicating Kimiko should kneel so they could look at each other face to face. Kimiko's worried expression met Saral’Aureila when she came down to her level beside a non-moving Allessandra. "Did I do something wrong, High Moon-Maiden?" she asked, clearly frightened.
Saral’Aureila took her face in her hands and held it, studying her. "The only mistake you made was not making me aware that you'd chosen a Fate Bonding, sweet one. And if you were unaware of that, then that fault either lies with your sire for not paying attention in his classes or myself for forgetting to remind your matron that I gave her such a ceremony years ago when she told me about hers with Xalansss. Young one, you are as beautiful as your matron and your heart is just as big. Daughter Queen Xallessica is very lucky to have such a one as you in her life. If she doesn't, then I hope these words I speak wrap around her heart now. Would you mind if I take you two out under the stars tonight and perform this special and rare ceremony to ease my mind and make all De’Nari understand how special that symbol you wear truly is?"
The six pink eyes that looked at her went from worried fright to soothed acceptance in Saral’Aureila’s hands and she enjoyed being able to see that small truth. She glanced up to the formerly frowning Draxian to see her beaming in love and pride in her to be bonded. Saral’Aureila held up her hand to stop Xallessica from speaking and looked back at Kimiko’s face.
Kimiko finally found her words. "I want that. We'd be honored to take a Fate Bond. It's exactly what this means to us."
"Go on then and stay close. Don't let me forget or I'll hunt you two down later," Saral’Aureila said gently to them.
Xallessica smiled at her as Kimiko got up. "Forgive me, Saral’Aureila. My mother has always told me that if I ever met you that I should be more gracious to you than any other. She always told me you were forever seeking to bring people together, never to pull them apart. I believe her now. She also said that if ever there was a De’Nari that she could ever think of that might be her equal as a queen when it comes to caring for her people, it was you. I hope you can stay or visit often because I want to learn from you."
Saral’Aureila could feel how genuine her request was and she readjusted her opinions regarding the young queen. "You make your Mother Queen proud. I can't promise you right now, but I will figure something out. I refuse to let a bright future such as you go without at least some guidance that you would find, if not valuable, perhaps enlightening at least."
Saral’Aureila nodded to the young queen and noticed that Xallessica and Kimiko went to sit over on another couch with the three other young humans or rather much more grown children of Allessandra's and Seth's. She noticed that the twins had on silver collars too but no chains and were acting just as subservient to Xallessica as Kimiko had. Saral’Aureila rubbed her eyes trying to understand this queen.
It was soon after that thought when Saral noticed that the room had quieted. They weren't looking at her but past her towards the entrance. She turned and found it was just Jared filling it up, not wearing a shirt while finishing a leg of meat and a bottled beverage while he watched them all.
"Jared," Saral’Aureila began. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked acerbically.
Jared swallowed his last bite and washed it down before wrapping it all up in a paper towel. "I apologize for being late. I got caught up in a flag football match with all of the cubs. By the way, the Brood cubs cheat, Jessica. Anyway, other than the fact that Delik summoned me here for a reason I'm still not grasping, I have the pleasure to inform you all that this match making endeavor of yours has been a resounding success. Hey Kathy, apparently Carlos Santiago and his DJ partner Kaela have been on a few dates already and they hit it off. That young man is one of a kind for sure as he seems so dang in love with her. So, they are now calling themselves DJ Broodwolf and she nipped his ear today too. I'm sorry Saral’Aureila, but you may have to bunk in here for a long while because I believe every one of the Brood De’Nari have entered into some relationship with either a Ring De’Nari or in some cases like Voren and Le’s boy, a Moon-Maiden. Again, sorry Saral’Aureila."
Jessica squealed and the rest of the room erupted in happy cheers. Saral’Aureila sat back and hung her head. She was both relieved and in full dread now because Jared was right, there was no way any of the rest of her order was going to be able to handle all that these fresh relationships would need to help them flourish without one of them staying in the compound. She felt a sympathetic pat on her back, and she looked over to see Kathy's understanding eyes. "No good deed goes unpunished in this world. Good luck."
Saral’Aureila chuffed and patted her leg. "Now that is wisdom. Thank you."
She looked over at Jared. "Okay, you know what we'll need. Please make the official requests for credit and supplies from the Ring government and our silent benefactor, Queen Xalansss."
Jessica had sat up and asked loudly, "Wait? What was that? My sister is helping to bankroll this?"
Saral’Aureila let her tongue loll out. "Well, yes. When she found out about the match making, she made direct contact with Jared and myself to supplement, and I quote, 'my sister's growing adopted Brood. No sister of mine will shoulder that burden alone when I have the means to help.'” Saral’Aureila enjoyed that surprised look on Jessica’s face.
Saral’Aureila continued. "So, Sister Queen Jessica, I think you better go clear your head and grovel at a particular Queen’s feet to graciously thank her for her generosity, don't you?"
Jessica sat back in pure dumbfounded wonder. She finally closed her mouth, stood up so she could walk over and take Saral’s hand. "I'm going to thank you first. Thank you from the bottom of my Draxian soul. And yes, I owe Xal a call and a lot of gratitude too."
Jessica wrapped Saral’Aureila in another tight hug. Saral’Aureila was not used to so many huggy types, but it was growing on her.
When Jessica sat back down, Saral’Aureila noticed there were a lot more people in the room looking at her than what she felt was needed. "Delik, are you expecting me to talk to Seth now or can we go somewhere more private?"
Delik smiled at her prettily and said, "Now, please. This concerns us all. Jed, Inanna, Sara and Laesha are still out directing traffic or helping those who wish to stay find their way. They will be told later. The teenagers stay too because they have been through a version of what you have and may either have a unique insight or find it a learning experience. And well, they're family and generally, no one in this family is allowed to keep secrets unless it would destroy us all. Yours is no such secret, so please share and let's see what happens."
Saral’Aureila didn't feel like sitting any more. She also didn't want to speak halfway across the room to someone. "Fine Delik. Have it your way," she said testily. She got up off the couch and stretched her legs. "Seth, please join me. I need to discuss something personal with you and it seems we have a bunch of nosy busy bodies who think they need a show. Ugh!"
Seth chuckled softly before Jessica let him up and then stole his spot. He was still dressed in his black tuxedo, and he straightened his bow tie while he approached. Saral’Aureila could see in those few steps why every De’Nari male was intimidated by him now as they were back then. He moved fluidly, too fluidly to be considered normal. And it seemed it was a De’Nari trait to notice it and be wary. However… for her. Saral’s heart thumped a little at that small display and also at how his eyes did not move away from hers.
"I'm here, Saral. What is so important that this meeting is necessary?" he asked in that soft voice of his that hid a shout that could shake mountains.
Saral’Aureila took his hand in both of hers and confessed. "First. I'm going to tell everyone around this room that what happened was absolutely not Seth's fault or doing. This is all on me and my lapse in judgment."
She nodded when everyone got really quiet and interested. "Seth, I've been growing concerned over the years as to why I haven't been aging. I finally told someone this morning. Meaning I told Delik and she did that Queen Xalansss hand scan thing and she found that I've been somehow connected to you for years now."
The collective gasps and grumbles started, but Saral’Aureila said loudly, "Everyone! I fucked up! Not him, I said! Seth. I'm sorry. I broke the gift you gave me."
"You what? How? When?" he asked but for some reason, he was still smiling at her like it was the greatest gift she could have given him.
Saral’Aureila hung her head in shame. "Just a few months after you gave it to me. I wore it on a long day of joining and celebrations. I’m sorry. I got tired. I saw it on me shining in the dark of my room and felt… I thought I was pretty. I fell asleep on my pad, but I'd rolled off it sometime in the night… and well. I just thought I'd lost the stone for all this time and I was too embarrassed to tell you. Delik confirmed that it was part of me now and it's why I stopped aging and why I never get sick anymore. Seth, I'm scared. What are you going to do to me?"
Seth put a hand on her shoulder and began laughing. He was laughing so hard he was using her to hold himself up as he tried to stop and get his air back.
Saral’Aureila snapped, "It's not funny asshole! I've been told I'm connected to the Nightmare of Crag’Al’Thaoal, and I may have leash on you. Why aren't you mad?!"
Seth was breathing hard still but was getting himself back under control. He finally got his words out. "Oh Saral’Aureila. I'm sorry I laughed. I really am. But there's nothing I can do to you, not really. I told you that stone came from the Protected Lands. I tried to tell you that it was fragile. Look, here’s why. It was as fragile as happiness because it's made from happiness. Children's happiness. That's who lives in my Protected Land. Children who were lucky enough to be rescued but had enough light left in them to go and play and know joy forever. They are rare and are loved even more so because they remind all the rest who dwell there of what they fight so hard to protect. Saral, I'm afraid you are tied to me, that will never change. But because it was that stone and it was activated by you instead of me, I actually have not one shred of influence over you. It's actually the other way around. I'd been wondering for a while where that little voice was coming from that kept me from taking what I did to the darkest places possible. It'd been giving me restraint and the knowledge that there was always a better way. Well now I know. It was you and I'm grateful for it. Now if you want to know a really neat trick, you have the power to visit just the Protected Lands if you want. Just let me guide you the first time and then you can go visit a horde of happy kids any time you wish. Be careful though. They make big puppy dog eyes at you when you try to leave."
And that's when everyone began speaking at one time, drowning out each other around them.
Saral’Aureila leaned into Seth to tell him alone what she wanted to say. "Seth. I truly have to apologize to you. I have tried so hard to see the best in people and you have always been the one for whom I could never get a solid understanding of. Well, I’ve figured you out now. And I know your gift wasn't just that necklace, now was it? You knew I'd end up breaking it and taking that power, didn't you? You want me, don’t you? After all these years, you’ve been hunting me as subtly as your shadow, haven’t you?"
Seth whispered into her ear as his arms encircled her waist to hold her close. “I have and yes, I do. I knew it was inevitable that it would find you. However, I didn’t lie. I did truly give it to you because you brought each of my cubs into this world. So, I thought the least I could do was one day show you what I wish for all children to have. Just tell me when you're ready and we'll make a day of it. I think you'll really get along with Gramma Goose. You remind me of her. Other than that, it's all up to you as to what you want from me even if it’s nothing more. I look forward to hearing what that is whenever you’re ready."
Saral’Aureila put her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. She whispered, "You really are a devilish one. And here I thought you'd force me into some torrid twisted affair but instead, it'll be me who starts the courting ritual just to see if I can make you laugh like that again. I am going to stay for a while, so it seems I’ll take you up on your offers. I wish I could curse you. I wish I could condemn you. But all I can say is thank you and we’ll talk about this later when I’m ready. When I’m ready to..."
Seth had an odd twinkle in his eye as he said, "I'll come when you call."
Saral’Aureila felt a heavy loss in her chest when he let her go that almost hurt. Oh, is he a devilish one indeed. I'm so screwed, and the little bastard knows it. He’s got me simpering to bring him to my bed and I'm actually happy he did it. Damn. The Lone Hunter got me, and I didn’t even know it. My… Lone Hunter… wants me. Death, wants me… to be happy. Damn. How did I miss it?
Seth turned and faced the whole group and immediately they loudly renewed their barrage of questions around him. He was trying to explain more but they were too excited about happy kids, what they lived in, was it heaven or Candyland, and if it was Candyland could they go, and more.
Saral’Aureila felt an arm on her back and found Kathy standing next to her again.
Kathy took a heavy put upon sigh. "I keep doing it, Saral’Aureila. As soon as I think I have that guy figured out, he does something like this, and I have to start from square one again. It gets annoying after a while."
Saral shook her head. "No. You've got him pegged. He's got me Kathy just like he has all the others. Don't be surprised that within a year, I'm as pregnant as Voren is. To see him have that kind of joy again, to have him show me a world that's dedicated to a joy that I've always hoped existed….Kathy, I'd give anything to him for it. And… if I’m to be honest with you, I just did. I’m going to climb into a bed on all fours with him and be happy about whatever he wants to do with me."
"Please tell me you aren't serious." Kathy said quietly as she closed her eyes trying to deny what she heard. "He has so many in his grasp. He's connected like a virus or a spider to so many; it scares me. Please. Don't. He already has two wives. He doesn’t need you in his bed too."
"Kathy. That's what you're missing. You're seeing his influence and connections as bad things. But it's those connections that build a stronger more united family and community. It's exactly my life's work but he's just better at it. To have that man… to feel small kicks within my own belly because of him one day… I’m sorry, but I will let him have me after I see that protected land of his because his connection to me is through my joy. I know it and so does he, the smarmy little runt. Perhaps you just need to figure out how to connect to him in your own way and…"
"I have my connection to him. I'm his failsafe. If he goes black, I'm the one who will end him," Kathy said affirmatively.
Saral’Aureila shrugged and huffed. "Then you have my respect, and I will pray to the moons he never makes you need to use it on him. It would be better for us all, don't you think?" Saral’Aureila asked while she eyed how Allessandra was holding onto Aiden while they listened to Seth tell them that that land was protected from all but himself and very few others that had earned it. He also told them to go bug Inanna because she was one of those few who could visit. But he did throw them a bone and tell them that gingerbread houses did exist there because Grandpa Grimm had a giant sweet tooth.
Kathy sighed in defeat. "From what Aiden tells me, he might just do that, and I'll pray with you. We need all the help we can get."
"Speaking of Aiden, is that normal? If I recall, Allessandra was practically a second matron to him, or at least that's how she's always talked about him." Saral’Aureila pointed at Aiden and Allessandra standing in the mix around Seth. She was noticing that as the group around Seth were chattering away, Aiden had his thumb hooked into Alessandra’s waistband and was lightly tapping or squeezing her butt and tugging at her skimpy bikini bottom so that it rode up her butt all the while Allessandra had her hand fully down the back of his jean shorts, doing much the same.
Kathy hung her head this time. "Saral’Aureila. I'm too tired to ask. Want to go sit with me in the kitchen and let me ignore this for a while?"
Saral’Aureila took pity on her new friend in arms, "Well, I am a Moon-Maiden and that's what we do. Lead on and tell me more about this war zone I find myself in."
Kathy perked up and took her by the arm. "That's the spirit to survival around here! Come, I'll bet you anything Jake's been hiding in there this whole time like a coward."
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2023.11.11 05:57 throwawayueueeu I’m asexual… and I’m also a sex worker

I believe I’m an asexual. Yet at some point in my life I was certain I was bi and hypersexual person. Jump from this 2 assumptions is huge I know, but I would love to share my story, and perhaps even find someone who could relate to it.
I have a sex drive, so the idea that I could be asexual was always out of the question, and I had frequent habit of masturbating, so I thought “wow, I’m definitely a hypersexual person”.
My first kiss was when I was a kid with a boy my age. I didn’t want to kiss him, but he forced me. This lasted for about a year of that boy forcefully kissing me whenever he wanted and I couldn’t deny him because I was a stupid little kid afraid he would tell my parents and I would end up being disowned. Never, not even once I found kissing enjoyable even though other kids my age at that point started becoming curious sexually curious.
Elementary and Middle school I went without having a crush on anyone, and in high school I briefly dated my best friend girl. I could never go down on her because I would physically recoil at touching someone else’s genitals, but she was more than willing to go down on me ( I know, horrible relationship dynamic, I take full responsibility for me being a shitty girlfriend and even entertaining a relationship idea with her when it’s so unbalanced). I loved her as a friend very much, but I never “loved” her? Never fantasised or longed for her, etc. and we broke up a year later. It was very unhealthy relationship and unfortunately it lasted for a year because I was too worried to hurt her feelings to break up with her earlier. “Ok so maybe I’m straight? Maybe that’s the issue!”I thought to my self, because I clearly enjoy sensation of orgasm so being an asexual, yet again, was never an idea I even questioned. I thought I was waiting for the right guy to appear, but for some reason, whenever any guy showed interest in me, idea of kissing or having sex with them would send shivers down my body even if they were clean/traditionally attractive person. I still had sex. I convinced my self “hey this guy is very kind and he treats you so well, perhaps im just scared”. I felt nothing. I couldnt orgasm and faked it eventually to just get this over with. I blamed anxiety again, because I don’t have problem orgasming on my own even in a minute or two. Maybe he was just a wrong fit? Flash forward to my late teens/early twenties: Tragedy struck my family. ( I won’t go into details because it’s still painful to this day, lets just say that money was TIGHT) and I was forced into bad situations to make ends meet. I became an escort, which is basically a type of prostitution where you provide sex+relationship with one person at a time. In a span of a year, I was with 6 men total, each unique with their looks, libido, sex mastery and personality. I STILL never orgasmed. I didn’t feel attachment to any of them, yet I learned to enjoy some aspects of escorting because I loved being an object of desire, so naturally I’m not an asexual right? I enjoyed getting sexual interest from people after all. “It’s just those relationships were never real”. I concluded. Now flash forward to my mid twenties: I was not in bad situation anymore, no more escorting and I tried dating two people out of my own free will who I thought were both VERY attractive, and I felt nauseous and extremely apprehensive to do anything sexual. I only ever wanted to cuddle and kiss, with no sex drive attached to it. I started thinking that something is very wrong with me, until I finally met a guy who said he is asexual. We’re in a relationship now, very comfortable being naked around each other, we love hugging, alwyas being around eachother, we just don’t do anything sexual. we never ever have sex. It’s been 2 years+ and for fun, we tried to have sex and we both laughed, thought it was weird and went back to actually watching netflix. I felt the need to share my story because I know lot of people wouldn’t consider me asexual because of how much sex I’ve had in the past, because I masturbate once in a blue moon (i rarely masturbate for the last couple years, as my therapist explained is because I’m not addicted to dopamine it gave me anymore as I have other ways to get that dopamine fix now), and because I still do sex work through onlyfans. I feel nothing but occasional boredom when I take sexual photos and make fake moaning sounds. It’s just a learned behaviour I used for survival before that I use till today because it’s honestly the easiest money I’ve ever made. Best part is that I don’t get to touch anyone, and it’s hitting me so hard how much trauma I went through growing up because I was trying to “fix” asexuality because I thought I was either hormonally ill, mentally damaged, didn’t explore enough etc etc. i am an asexual sex worker and I am valid. Please don’t fall into trying to “fix” yourself or to try to fit into a label stereotype. Respect your needs and boundaries. Felt good writing this all out and I hope I contributed with sharing a different journey that some other aces could relate to, thank you for reading ❤️
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2023.11.11 04:27 QuestionablxQuestion onlyfans update

onlyfans update
i’m obsessed and it’s a bad thing
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2023.11.11 03:51 mezger38 38 New Specials List Finds and others (SF90, Dino GTS, Ford GT, Murci, 3500GT, 2x 997.2 GT3RS, and many more rare classic and super cars!)

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Bentley Continental GTC III,-96.7868835,3a,75y,79.37h,73.5t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sVkhdEuurJmRpFsv1V6BHtA!2e0!5s20200101T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Bentley Continental R,-118.428629,3a,34.5y,300.89h,66.12t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sBEVmjxTK6dRTIi0MIYvT6Q!2e0!5s20220801T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Bentley Flying Spur II,-118.6853551,3a,15y,275.93h,87.24t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sLgOICUYQpl5TgTVvNpMg_w!2e0!5s20231001T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Bentley Mulsanne,-96.7868979,3a,15.8y,250.31h,89.58t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sKWHypjUxV2R7MSQTVXz0Mw!2e0!5s20171101T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Bentley Mulsanne,-118.4371003,3a,18.7y,196.65h,74.98t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sqmySjSLVgbylJAyFXNJtyw!2e0!5s20210101T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Bentley S1 Flying Spur,-118.4335596,3a,16.3y,215.34h,87.09t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s7UzhBPTubwmtOtNGt67dLQ!2e0!5s20141101T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
BMW E9 CS/CSL,-117.8991071,3a,15y,52.02h,85.89t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s-Cm0NuKvOoWiMat4xME7iw!2e0!5s20220701T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
BMW G87 M2,-118.7032768,3a,26.2y,280.01h,80.98t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s_Y6zZCU4dWGK_mX7TpJPvQ!2e0!5s20231001T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Bristol 411!,-122.5008179,3a,31.4y,342.04h,74.55t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sIML7ZtlE7B4BPFP6HLlZNA!2e0!5s20110501T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Citroen SM!,-122.4897157,3a,31.3y,62.16h,80.27t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1ss4P94xmWcYzLEIvaW_s8bA!2e0!5s20080601T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Citroen SM!,-118.4224322,3a,15.4y,212.29h,80.05t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sB7q2l9nMDoKYt6erLbmPLg!2e0!5s20110701T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
DeTomaso Pantera L + 1928 Chevrolet Hot Rod!,-122.0420892,3a,15y,152.13h,88.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFuHKOK5VDU2FCeOmwqadqg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Dodge Viper RT/10 Anniversary Edition!,-118.4258027,3a,75y,348.13h,58.89t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1siDkTAcBTHTHxAz6D3smoRA!2e0!5s20070801T000000!7i3328!8i1664?entry=ttu
Dodge Viper RT/10 Anniversary Edition!,-118.425849,3a,37.7y,178.54h,64.95t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sRlGRsZ-UUXLocwFJgtDvYw!2e0!5s20070801T000000!7i3328!8i1664?entry=ttu
Facel Vega HK500!!,-117.8279179,3a,21.8y,155.99h,77.51t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sd20_SgmVFpiax45eLGlptw!2e0!5s20220501T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Fiat Dino Coupe!,-123.1754491,3a,48.8y,236.7h,83.69t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sUjjObyYOak2H9FPREgg-hg!2e0!5s20090501T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Ferrari 360 Spider,-73.8531075,3a,15y,271.48h,80.05t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sIVgVMMVfQmiiE4UfqbM2qg!2e0!5s20150701T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Ferrari 599 GTB,-73.5682711,3a,15y,264.59h,86.26t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1suGQ5hQh63bpyxXIoMo62hw!2e0!5s20150901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Ferrari Dino 246 GTS!,-71.1798408,3a,15y,223.88h,86.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYdsYwsgg8CTG82padMJeKw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Ferrari F430 Spider,-118.4269806,3a,34.4y,91.71h,80.08t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sFBZNHWpCeJH6klnUYBzEzA!2e0!5s20180201T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Ferrari SF90!!,-96.8218785,3a,15y,352.31h,87.84t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1seKIpkBlJ8YhA__n4X1rHdA!2e0!5s20230501T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Ford Escort Cosworth!,-71.2122642,3a,15y,186.1h,80.04t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAAYqiHmRmHVKTS0Zmh2JxQ!2e0!5s20161101T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
2005 Ford GT + Acura NSX NA1!!,-122.1586367,3a,15y,191.81h,89.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sD_Bi_7vcdi7cm5mCvL2PFw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
GMC Typhoon!,-122.7330313,3a,15y,320.69h,83.41t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sIVLgDuCD5kbrj-SDtIcBeA!2e0!5s20190501T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
GMC Typhoon!,-118.4330721,3a,31.9y,99.11h,78.29t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sB0iP19gUHtDbOnDrY2Y0mw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
GMC Typhoon + Syclone!,-118.4258923,3a,75y,224h,56.02t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1slTwY4Ed9RwIHOj-IiV4tQg!2e0!5s20150401T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu,-118.425917,3a,24.1y,241.21h,76.64t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sNCl4R0kz2xgyn-oPTCb9nQ!2e0!5s20140901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Iso Fidia!,-122.4226566,3a,15.2y,44.97h,86.69t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s6AlVCKrUv_2Y7KjiaEgtlA!2e0!5s20090701T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Ford Mustang Shelby GT350,-85.649665,3a,15y,242.57h,80.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0wAHmpcb_-LMRpNCStMq4Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Jaguar Mk2 + unknown Ferrari + other unknown car,-122.0421074,3a,15y,149.13h,87.96t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s1aNi0-FkI3DtrgLaE_Km3Q!2e0!5s20141001T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Lamborghini Murcielago + DeTomaso Pantera GT5S!!!,-117.7972425,3a,15y,243.48h,82.99t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sRBIci75JDTGtTcdLDGXLYA!2e0!5s20151001T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Lamborghini Urus,-118.6749968,3a,16y,217.87h,88.66t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfkMvb3TmUZQNqWhRToe68g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Lamborghini Urus,-96.7868437,3a,15y,61.13h,87.22t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1szMvqBRGI6-52aJip-cz2Rg!2e0!5s20220401T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Lancia Delta Integrale!,-73.7830492,3a,15y,260.25h,81.77t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sss3zYHvDnLB9GioBnpHkfA!2e0!5s20130901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato!,-117.6934017,3a,75y,5.6h,68.21t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sRtSVwRyHcoxtmwN8Z4--mw!2e0!5s20190401T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Lotus Elite!,-122.2677815,3a,15.4y,266.78h,82.81t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sP9BNx1a10GaBC0sYNA80PQ!2e0!5s20110401T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Maserati 3500 GT!!!,-123.0873755,3a,31.7y,250.64h,80.84t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1slmFmer6gAvAOl8gECqSM-w!2e0!5s20110801T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Maserati Khamsin!,-123.1404293,3a,37.8y,233.59h,74.9t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sUcQKNCAHM3oDBIFTUeVpZg!2e0!5s20090401T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Maserati Merak!,-117.3729634,3a,15y,310.18h,87.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ssn_P0As_O5YkIPi7TCkg-g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Maserati Shamal!,-123.087697,3a,15y,69.3h,85.48t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s_vT4pnWw6zXXFKMzp_mxFA!2e0!5s20180701T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
McLaren 720S,-118.7231786,3a,28.6y,216.51h,76.18t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sSyVvTPz2vy0052br5q1dAQ!2e0!5s20231001T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
McLaren GT,-118.6842376,3a,15y,334.54h,87.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stARrdSR_ijH1GKFZ0N5Vnw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4^2!,-97.9223746,3a,37.7y,117.65h,88.22t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sPd4DuNzY2maVGhq1IqDqmA!2e0!5s20230601T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG,-73.8531449,3a,15y,309.56h,80.07t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sjPxn3V4emN_4ZyqvpXZ8Sw!2e0!5s20190901T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagode,-123.0876412,3a,32.6y,85.89h,83.36t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1so2xNZQ7hCRfc7KhssLrnAQ!2e0!5s20180701T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
2x Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagode!,-123.0875553,3a,16y,100.58h,83.77t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sYH84IfYMysf6vyTXf8E8Ww!2e0!5s20150501T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Mercedes-Maybach 57S,-118.6966647,3a,31.8y,359.75h,74.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSkDoyAzMwU_FRrthso0F2Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Nissan R35 GT-R,-96.8266088,3a,16.9y,296.04h,80.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_Ap6oANbCjG-KmxpXmuMZQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Real Porsche 356 Speedster! (covered car),-119.8200174,3a,15y,191.62h,87.87t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s9Orh1UJf35tUxlBgdWG7yg!2e0!5s20170901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
1/60 Porsche 991 Carrera GTS Club Coupe + 981 Cayman GT4!,-122.2784169,3a,15y,286.17h,81.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCGpea0J1zgPDcFcr5KtBqw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS!,-0.1497779,3a,15y,60.45h,86.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szawY2P5-t1sJyDR3DIdiWQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?entry=tts&shorturl=1
Porsche 991.1 Turbo,-96.7868505,3a,15y,63.45h,85.06t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1su8lXBPzLGEDQCSLbYFOLTw!2e0!5s20181001T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS!,-122.5781212,3a,16y,279.77h,83.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spsfxYo0EPNfrM-AfZqPZCQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=tts&shorturl=1
Porsche 992.1 GT3,-123.1752258,3a,42y,26.34h,63.25t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIFGhPytrAUlKe3WoZOd2YA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Porsche 992.1 GT3,-118.7018917,3a,15y,333.08h,83.55t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sSt5bas7ceH-Ik4aRakXfZw!2e0!5s20231001T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Porsche 992 GT3 Cup!! (not a shop),-105.1122369,3a,15y,92.84h,86.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sGbt8x3LcE3XfcGl69hu77g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Porsche 992 Turbo S,-118.6907981,3a,57y,183.3h,82.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soI4vlIyeepkiu5WbB7xMDA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet,-96.8043674,3a,43y,145.92h,79.9t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s9v6sEDrlWpNzhOYzB7wsHg!2e0!5s20081101T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS!!,-96.8266017,3a,15y,325.69h,87.37t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1scB-x8wX-lkuXn_T0jHre3A!2e0!5s20160201T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS!!,-117.8759947,3a,75y,14.19h,58.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgH92VbjX1X02WBvhq8bpEg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?shorturl=1
Porsche 997.2 Turbo S,-96.7871491,3a,34.4y,36.33h,57.2t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sChiCYX_q3wplVOmyJF8jjA!2e0!5s20150801T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Porsche 997.2 Turbo S,-118.4880445,3a,15.5y,297.9h,86.55t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sLi83g1WfNVTL-GE9O7kzVw!2e0!5s20141001T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Qvale Mangusta!,-122.4175056,3a,32.6y,304.52h,68.65t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sPqJlEp3TFldkcb1kV5Et5g!2e0!5s20090701T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Reliant Robin!,-81.3666949,3a,15.6y,249.92h,82.54t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sOEehT0DEobydZnnic3tw5A!2e0!5s20160401T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
Rolls-Royce Cullinan,-96.8262106,3a,15.1y,136.42h,86.11t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sGZOQC7Vk9v6UkNSW5jDi0Q!2e0!5s20210301T000000!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
Rolls-Royce Phantom VII,-118.4263932,3a,39.1y,231.81h,79.07t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sg3lGgyYKoJrJp4eUzColAg!2e0!5s20070801T000000!7i3328!8i1664?entry=ttu
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Convertible!,-118.4339356,3a,20.2y,299.26h,78.66t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sQmwvFC6mzf9T2KagC9opLg!2e0!5s20140901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
TVR Tasmin!,-123.1854301,3a,36.4y,313.99h,70.1t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1spJ459kS64LmDvalU0uvHRg!2e0!5s20090501T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu

Bonus: Kevin Harvick's 2022 NASCAR displayed at a random gas station in Mendota Heights, MN! This car was displayed at the neighboring shop for two days and it's somehow on streetview!,-93.0806697,3a,15y,121.87h,87.59t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shnhvOt5zRqo1XApDp-B64A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
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2023.11.10 09:17 F14min6L377uc3 The Gods of Sacrifice and the Land of the Free duke it out! here are the mach-ups.. who's winning? 1/3

ROUND 1: Theodore Roosevelt vs Huitzilopochtli
For our first round both sides send their vanguards... The Bull Moose, 26th president of the United States vs The Southern Hummingbird, most worshipped God of the Mexica.
Roosevelt was born a sickly child, but he rectified this later in life by training his body, he was a prolific big game hunter, wrestler and boxer, while he was secretary of the navy he pushed for a war with Spain, saying it would put the US in an even larger standing with the world, during the war he led a batallion of volunteers called the Rough Riders on the front lines, which were instrumental in the defeat of Spain in Cuba, by taking the city of Santiago de Cuba, and as a president he was known for being a progressist, he made a deal with the union strike of coal miners, he advocated for the better management of natural ressources and oppened many national parks an reserves, and it was him who ordered the Panama canal, which greatly aided all the world's trade.
Huitzilopochtli is the God of war and of the sun, son of Coatlicue, Goddess of the Earth, and Tonatiuh, the fifth sun itself, after his mother's "virgin" pregnancy his siblings Coyolxauhqui and the 400 gods of the souther stars felt shame, so they decided o kill her, but one of them snitched, which led to Huitzilopochtli being born instantly, a full grown adult with armor and weaponry, he slayed all of his siblings, saving himself and his mother in the process, and beginning an eternal rivalry between him and the other celestial bodies.
The battle will begin with only the use of their divine weapons, Roosevelt has a hunting rifle, it has infinite ammo, doesn't need to recharge and shoots pure energy, so it's pretty damn busted, but so Huitzilopochtli's, he has Xiuhcoatl, which is basically lighnting, but in Aztec myth it takes the form of a living snake made of fire, so he shoots homing lightning strikes at Roosevelt, and Roosevelt has to first find a way around that.
After Roosevelt manages to kill the snake he ends up loosing his weapon, which ended up damaged beyond usage, so it turns into a pure fisticuffs, Roosevelt has the espacil ability that as he gets more damage he turns stronger, there is no limit to this, meanwhile Huitzilopochtli is powered by sacrifice, the whole reason of sacrifice was to prolong the end of the world, for it had ended four times already, so he can consume the souls he has stored in himself to get a big buff, so in the end they become complete powerhouses, with Roosevelt becoming stronger passively and Huitzilopochtli having to scale up to his level.
So is the winner going to be the leader that cared for his people, or the leader that merely utilized them as fuel!? You decide!
ROUND 2: Lozen vs Coyolxauhqui
The second round is one of warrior women
Lozen was the sister of Victorio, a chief of the Chiricahua tribe during the Apache wars, instead of using my own descriptions I'll use from people that knew her "Lozen is my right hand ... strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy. Lozen is a shield to her people" by her brother, "I saw a magnificent woman on a beautiful horse—Lozen, sister of Victorio. Lozen the woman warrior!" "She could ride, shoot, and fight like a man, and I think she had more ability in planning military strategy than did Victorio." by some kid, she went on an escort mission for a mother and a new born child, and by the time she was done her brother had been killed in battle, in the end she dies a prisioner of war after a failed peace treaty.
Coyolxauhqui was the eldest daughter od Coatlicue, and the eldest sister of Huitzilopochtli, after learning of her mother's seemingly miraculous pregnancy she and her 400 brothers became embarassed, and decided to kill her, she led them all to battle but one of them snitched and when they arrived Huitzilopochtli was ready, he beheaded Coyolxauhqui and threw her corpse down the mountain, where she was dismembered, Huitzilopochtli threw her head to the moon, and she became the ruler of it, now Huitzilopochtli needs the sacrifices in order to fight her off every time, for he is ruler of the sun.
Lozen was famed not only for being a warrior, but also for being a prophet, so she used this power by seeing what her opponents were going to do and act accordingly, she used a rifle in real life as well, but I also want to give her a close combat weapon, she's gonna need it, meanwhile, Coyoxauhqui has a macuahuitl, the Aztec's preferred weapon, her main ability is that her body is sepparated, like Buggy from One Piece, even tho she was killed she never truly died, she still engages in combat with Huitzilopochtli and Tonatiuh after all, divide and conquer as they say.
Lozen may be able to see what will happen, but how useful will this be when she is being attacked from all directions? Is she fast enough to react in time to the one woman army that is Coyolxauhqui? That's for you to decide!
ROUND 3: Agent 355 vs Xolotl
This battle is not what it seems...
Agent 355 is the codename of a female spy during the war of Independance, part of the Culper ring network, not much is known about her and her real identity is unknown, tho they are some guesses, some say she was a woman of high standing that had personal connections John André and Benedict Arnold, which she used to keep suspicions off other members of the network, some say she was Anna Strong, neighbour of Abraham Woodhull (an important member of the Culper ring), who helped them locate and keep safe Caleb Vrewster, another key member, some say she was Robert Townsend's wife, some say it was his sister Sarah, who passed information directly to him, and some say she was Elizabeth Burgin, who helped 200 prisoners of war escape from British forces, a woman of many faces that one, it is believed she died after giving birth in a prisoner ship.
Xolotl is the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl, God of twilight, lightning, fire, monsters, bad luck, sickness and deformities (quite the repertoir), after the fourth extinction of humanity, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl went down to Mictlan to ask to get their bones, Quetzalcoatl created humans with the bones and his own blood, but Xolotl remained in Mictlan, becoming the guide and literal guard dog to the sun so it could traverse Mictlan safely every night, he had no eyes, because when the fifth sun (Tonatiuh) was created every God was sacrified to get him to move, and he cried so hard when he was caught that his eyes fell off their sockets.
I'll start with Xolotl on this one, he was a master shape shifter, when Quetzalcoatl (under the name of Ehecatl) was sacrificing all the Gods, Xolotl turned into Maize (called Xoltl in nahua language), Maguey (called Mexolotl (it's a plant used to make alcohol)) and into Axolotls, other than his shapeshifting he of course can use fire and electricity in his attacks, to differentiate him from Huitzilopochtli he produces this electricity directly from his body instead of with a weapon, he was also quite adept in combat, for he fought off all the monsters in Mictlan every night to prevent them from eating Tonatiuh, as for 355, being a faceless woman with multiple names and identities she gets the ability to perfectly imitate anything and everything about a person she has studied, so she turns into Xolotl, down to the appareance and abilities.
So in the end it's Xolotl fighting himself, a battle of tricksters with the exact same moves under their sleeves, will the copy use her newfound moves better than the oirginal? Will they use other moves based on Xolotl's other Godly domains that I didn't mention in his moveset (monsters, bad luck, deformities and illness)? Who Knows!
ROUND 4: John Henry vs Huehuecoyotl
John Henry was a slave turned steel driver, his job was making holes in the sides of mountains so they could blow them up and build train tracks, under threat of being replaced by machines John prooved himself by having a race with a mechanical drill, they competed to see who could make the holes in the mountains faster, and John won! but he died of stress and exhaustation shortly afterwards sadly.
Huehuecoyotl is the Aztec version of the native american Coyote, he is the god of music, song, art, dance, party, mischief and... deception, he is basically the God of chilling, tho he was also revered for his wisdom and power to give good luck, he often would play benign pranks on other Gods which would backfire on him, but he would also start wars amongst humanity just for shits and giggles, he was clearly more powerful than he let on, for he could remove curses given by other Gods if you convinced him to do so.
John Henry is a power house, now that he is dead he can overexhert himself even more than when he was alive, so he can enter a state similar to Luffy's Gear 2 or Tokita's Advance, he moves even faster than before, hits even ahrder than before and his reaction time is insane, his weapon is a hammer of course, if he hits it with all of his migth he can split the earth and the skies, but better not to over do it or it could bite him in the ass, Huehuecoyotl on the other hand borrows from his Native American counterpart and gets some reality altering magic, he can create an area that's his personal party room that encompasses the entire battlefield, and he can control what happens inside of it, with a few limitations tho, for example he can't just instantly kill John Henry, or if he was to make gravity more powerful to crush John he would be crushed as well, if he cuts off oxygen then he wouldn't breath either, so he has to use more of his wits, because he isn't really a physical fighter, he can light John on fire (but he can brush it off cause he is a badass) he can teleport the both of them around, he can solidfy the air between him an John so he has a shield, but thanks to john's relentless pursue of victory he has to get more and more creative with his attacks.
So who will win, the ahrd worker or the lazy ass? You choose!
It's long enough already so I'll divide it into parts, I'll do the rest later
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2023.11.10 01:24 Logic_Sandwich JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #7: R1M10 - Pico Che-Tamburo and Konan Gau vs ???

The results are in for Match 8. The winner is…
Ashok threw himself over the container with a chain, focusing on his pursuit. He had to rush back to the bridge, it was the one thing still left standing: the contents of the crates had been destroyed and the trainyard lay in ruins. Just a little bit more distance—
They arrived at the site of the bridge, just in time to see it crumble into the river below. The Stand user was nowhere in sight.

Honeydew Blue, with a score of 74 to R.K. Viswanathan Ashok’s 68!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Honeydew Blue 16 (5+1.5+2) - 14 (4+1.5+2) A tense back and forth with a good amount of tie votes, but ultimately Honeydew ended up one vote ahead!
Quality Honeydew Blue 22 (8 7 7) - 20 (7 7 6) Reasoning
JoJolity Honeydew Blue 26 (9 9 8) - 24 (8 9 7) Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10 Nothing to report!

Honeydew slinked into the alleyway, eyes set on her target. She took one step, and another, closer and closer…
“Hey. I got that job done.”
Benaam jumped as she seemed to appear behind him. One of his hands slid up to his shoulder and pressed into the back of his neck, hoping to help him regain his composure. "So it would seem..." He cocked his head in the direction of the trainyard, and nodded slowly. His other hand pushed up against the brim of his hat, and a wad of bills fell into it. "Does double work for you?"
Honeydew cocked her head at the sight. "D'you got anything else in there?" A sly smile told Benaam all he needed to know.
Benaam shot the same look back at her. "Just the person I'll be tomorrow." He held the stack of bills out in Honeydew's direction. "It was a pleasure doing business with you."
Honeydew grabbed the stack of bills and started leafing through it, bill by bill. With a nod at the halfway mark, and a nod at the end, she found what she was looking for-
"Oh, I almost forgot." A flower bulb, one plucked from a Barhma Kamal, fell onto the wad of bills. "It's a gift from our mutual employer."
"What is-" Honeydew picked her head up with a start and saw nothing. Benaam, her only contact, had disappeared into the night.
With a long, wispy sigh, she pocketed the wad of bills and the bulb that came with them. "Now... just how did you sneak away..." She shook her head and wandered off down another dark alleyway, disappearing into the night.
If you’re in the mood for more sabotage, there’s a serial arsonist on the loose, and a clown, detective, wifeguy, and a pale ghost are on the case!
CW: Homophobic language and internalized homophobia, depictions of mental illness and psychosis, body horror.
Scenario: Mount Parapollah — 6:17 AM
His eyes were wide, his hair unkempt.
The blinking sun crested over the horizon in the distance, painting the mountain in pale light as Konan’s gaze adjusted accordingly.
He had left for this community at dark, a heavy backpack weighing him down as they made the trek upwards. This was solidly outside of IMPACT’s jurisdiction: not the national park, but a residential area whose property values were as high as the views—the same ones that made Konan feel uneasy.
It all made him feel uneasy. He already was dragged all over the mountain for IMPACT work, but he had grown some kind of numb to that kind of work and its environment. But while ancient temples dotted Mount Parapollah, these mansions and townhouses were different. They scaled the sheer stone face like kudzu, their pristine paint jobs and manicured gardens were as invasive and out of place within the park as Konan was among them.
Still, 「She」 had been spotted multiple times in one of these manors.
His ‘partner’ on this exhibition stayed several meters ahead of him. If Konan was numb, the youth before him bristled, brow furrowed, teeth grit, and marching forward. Having spoken to him several times before, Konan trusted Pico—or at least his smoldering, spitting flame that could be called confidence.
They had met a few times in the past, Pico having crushed the petty crooks and gangsters that looked to scrunge for turf and scraps in Bedtown. Last time, Konan had managed to flag him down and broach the subject of the Gossip. “「She」 threatened me,” he stated, showing him a picture of the back of his head posted on the Paparazzi website. His monotone was tilted with bereftness: the image was specifically taken to deny his flower store any advertising. “This was meant to scare me.”
“Pfft,” Pico had scoffed, rolling out his shoulders after laying a man Konan’s age out. “She doesn’t even have a Stand. If you’re scared of her, get out of this neighborhood then.”
The kid had blown him off, muttering something about taking care of her.
Konan hadn’t slept the night previously, and had come here that day. He hadn’t told Pico he’d be coming. Konan wasn’t invited, wasn’t supposed to be here. What was he doing? Why was he even following Pico?
Hiding behind a child? 「Deadly Beauty」 breathed at the back of his mind. Even unmanifested, its voice elicited the rattling of desiccated seed pods and the rasp of hayfever. His eyes welled and turned red, but he grit his teeth and forced the feeling down. The Gossip was aware of him, and he was floundering. Again, someone had leverage over him, and something, anything needed to be done before he was attacked.
His head swirled. So many ways to hurt him. They could bring up his cooking of the books to keep the stupid flower store afloat, his theft from a grocery store of a few cans every so often when he didn’t feel like paying, his history of run-ins with the law, what happened back in…
His head hurt.
He took a few hurried steps in Pico’s direction to tell him everything, to expel the paranoia that bubbled up within him, but you’re not invited. Konan’s pace came to abrupt halt; he was off-balance, dead weight. Even the child could handle himself, yet here was Konan, gasping for air and floundering as usual. The Gossip was certain to be protected, flanked by Mithr—
That was it.
Some local had blabbed about his weakness, something about matcha tea and ginger. Even with that mocking Stand scratching his throat, he at least had something that proved he wasn’t dead weight.
“Matchadus.” As if he knew what it was.
He tossed his backpack on the ground: the right pouch, zipped in an interior pocket for ease of access and assurance it would stay safe. And indeed, panting, Konan pulled out a massive container of ginger. He regarded it, and put the jar back in his backpack.
This is stupid, Konan groused. The panic and paranoia was beginning to fade, replaced with the usual numbness that fogged his mind. He rose to his feet, resolving to find Pico and drop this…but Pico was nowhere to be seen.
Konan whipped around, looking everywhere for his companion, but finding nothing but manicured lawns and topiary all around him. He was wholly alone in this plasticine maze, several hundred feet above the rest of the city.
Worst of all, he had arrived at their destination; before him was The Gossip’s manor, a stately building atop a winding cliffside.
That kid might be stronger than you, but look at that: you made it here by yourself without bailing! 「Deadly Beauty」 sneered as Konan looked back the way they had come. I don’t blame you. You have, what, a decade before you’d be half as strong as that kid at sixteen? No wonder he went on ahead of you.
Konan had sent a child by himself. The Gossip would certainly find this out and have even more leverage over him; what would Dawn think if this was leaked? Would she and IMPACT really let him keep his cushy paycheck? Konan would be ruined.
He let out a faux-disaffected sigh, and made his way up the stairs, glancing around and darting from tree to tree to stay hidden.
Far away in another building, Mr. Mithra watched impassively as the two separated. It was early in the morning, too early for him. He was irritated, but work had to be done. He finished eating a packet of peanuts, tucking it into his pockets and picking out his phone. “Call the intern.”
He waited for a moment, watching Pico’s progress. The kid had just walked behind a hedge, visible to Konan if he’d just moved a little bit further up. That one was the larger threat by far; the one he’d deal with.
The call picked up. He spoke immediately, not bothering to listen to the irritant on the other end. “An intruder is coming in. Mr. Konan Gau, a Stand user armed with a bow. Deal with him.”
Mithra cut through the chatter on the other end. “I will be engaging another intruder; do NOT mess this up. Understood? Good.”
He cut the line with a sigh. Time for work. A hop, and he was gone.
Pico had his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched. His legs were already tired. Most of the walk had been exhausting and uphill. Even when he made it onto the grounds of the Gossip’s mansion, the slope was still awkward.
Pico caught his breath, looking up at Mount Parapollah. Despite the manicured gardens and architecture around him, the slow march of dawn proved how utterly useless the attempt at beauty was. The mountain loomed over the small valleys below, its sheer east face dotted with trees, a magnificent edifice that utterly dominated the mansions below, making them look trite. Transitory, all cheap wood and limestone compared to the granite slopes above.
Maybe something about the mountain standing higher than any human ego? Grandeur dominating everything below it? A tiger leering down at self important ants?
Nah. The symbolism was passé. There was no poetry he could write more poignant than the mountain itself.
His thoughts swirled as he pulled out a cigarette, the acrid smoke hardly sullying this plastic place. He took a deep breath in then relaxed as the nicotine rush wore off, calming him down. His target, 「She」, was a threat. He posed his foot on a nearby railing. When he exhaled, he had to rapidly blink his eyes to clear the smoke in his sinuses.
Any means to put the Smiling Tiger in her place were justifiable: 「She」 could ruin him by dredging up his unsavory past, all the awful shit he did before he met ‘them’, his truest friend.
What he was before he realized he was in a tailspin.
Maybe, 「She」 knew something about that friend: maybe another clue, maybe their location outright. Or maybe 「She」 was overblown as a threat, some smug jackass without a Stand. A shady old timer he would be right to take down before she did…whatever her plan was.
Though honestly, despite all his reasons to go after 「Her」, fundamentally she just pissed him off. The Gossip’s manner online, her cheeky hints, the thought of her looking down on him. Holding his past over his head, watching his fall as she sat in a parachute. He wanted to see 「Her」 realize she was falling soon.
He heard footsteps behind him and smirked.
There was the only thing standing in his way. A has-been bodyguard who was torn in years earlier by the reigning queen of Bedtown, another old timer with too much hype for everyone to see he was over the hill.
Mr. Mithra trudged up the path, shirt clean-pressed, wearing a blue tie with green and magenta spirals. His posture was relaxed, snacking on peanuts. Calm as can be. “Are you aware this is private property, Mr. Che-Tamburo?” Pico felt his face warm at Mithra’s voice.
“Heard—” Voice crack. He cleared his throat. “Got your eyes on the next big thing in town, huh?” He smirked, looking down at the shorter man.
“I checked your file once on route.” Mithra stepped to the side of the road, motioning down the path. “This way to the exit.”
Pico took another puff, not moving, continuing to look down at him.
Mithra sighed. “Mr. Che-Tamburo.”
“What? Oh, yeah, feel free to leave if you like. I won’t be long, and it’ll be between me and you.” He snickered.
Mithra stayed impassive, raising an eyebrow. “Very clever.” His voice was icy. Unimpressed. “Please leave.”
Pico clenched his jaw. “Or what, going to tell mi mama or something?” He sneered, feeling 「Don Caballero」 form behind him, its sharp beak snapping as its tendrils wound forward. It forced two into the ground, cracking the concrete by sheer force.
“No.” Mithra finished his snack, pocketing them and adjusting his tie. “I assure you I have no stake in your mother’s care—or lack thereof—in your activities. With wayward children, appeal to authority rarely works. Please allow me to escort you off property, Mr. Che-Tamburo.”
With a squawk of vicious glee, 「Don Caballero」 lashed out, wrapping around the man. With a cry of effort, Mithra was sent bowling into a nearby tree with a visceral crunch. There was no resistance, Mithra was powerless to do anything. “Guess I’m the second ‘brat’ to kick your teeth—” His snark died on his lips.
The feedback felt weird. 「Don Caballero」 had thrown him, but it felt more like moving a car than a man. As he looked closer, it wasn’t Mithra that broke. The tree had lost, Mithra unharmed as an imprint of him was left behind. He picked himself out, walking as if nothing had happened. A quick brush and his shirt wasn’t even wrinkled, cleaned of bark. “Oh no, do go on, child.”
He chuckled darkly. “Tell me exactly how you could hope to compare yourself to that monster.”
Konan fiddled with the lock, feeling the night ever-so-slowly losing to the sun. He held a penlight in his teeth, the beam wavering. He had a paperclip in the lock, his pocketknife holding tension as he messed with the mechanisms inside. He’d been there for minutes now, getting absolutely nowhere. How did this work? Was he doing anything? It looked so easy online.
“And did you REALLY think you’re a locksmith?” He fiddled with the lock further, breathing growing heavier as he continued to struggle with no result.
He heard something inside. Footsteps and the sound of some sort of music. Konan fumbled, sliding the paperclip in his pocket but dropping his knife. He picked it up—
He yelped as the blade nicked him. He picked it up by the handle this time like a normal person and pocketed it, hiding his bleeding hand.
The door opened, revealing a pale-skinned man—the Co-Host, the Smiling Tiger’s irreverent underling. He’d clearly just woke up: his blonde hair mussed, suit pants and jacket rumpled, but shirtless. He still had on his sunglasses. He turned off some weird music from his phone.
Konan broke eye contact, looking down at the man’s chest. Why didn’t he have a shirt on? He clenched his jaw. He felt a buzz, a cackling echo in his skull. What now? What do you have next, idiot? You came here with a plan, right?
“...” He clenched his fists, the Co-Host still brushing his teeth.
Or did he just come out here hoping Pico would take care of it and hope to piggyback off him. Off of a kid. God, how pathetic can you get.
Konan was shaking, looking at the floor now. What now. What now. What now could he do? What was his plan? What was he thinking? Fuck. He had something.
The Co-Host piped up. “Good talk, bro.” And with that, began to close the door in Konan’s face.
Konan panicked, grabbing the door and squawking as it closed on his knuckles. It bounced open. “FLOWERS! I got a-there was a—”
He heard a crunch, having accidentally stepped on his bouquet. He yelped, hearing the sound of maniacal laughter from the Co-Host. Shit. Shit.
“I….” He found his script for deliveries, shoving the semi-crushed bouquet in the Co-Hosts’ face, his voice dulling to a disaffected monotone instantly. “Got a delivery for you.”
There was a few seconds of silence. The Co-Host continued to brush his teeth. Oh right, Konan had seen him. He wasn’t laughing; why had Konan thought he was—
“Need me to pay for it or…whatever. [Probably.]” There was a teasing lilt, a sing-song tone that grated. “You know who sent it?”
“No.” He bit out, keeping his expression quiet.
“Mmh. [Lets go with that.] Come on in~” He opened the door, picking up a gargantuan duffel bag one-handed and brushing all the while.
Konan listlessly followed, not noticing the lovely decorations inside or the careless scatter of clothing, plastic bags, and empty seltzer cans. The Co-Host went into a near unused kitchen spitting out his toothpaste and scrawling something on a notepad. Along with a few bills, he passed both over to Konan, plucking the flowers out of his hands and onto the counter. 100,000 rupees; more than he collected in most months. Konan looked at the receipt, frowning.
“I thought your-” He stopped. The man had shed his jacket, pulling some skin-tight crop top on. He shouldn’t do that, it looked horrible. Immodest. Konan shook himself. “You aren’t called Co-Host?”
The man laughed. “What? I mean, on the clock? [Yeah, to~tally.] That shit’s just a day job. Real annoying one too, like, [can you imagine]? The name’s Marion, pronounced Mah-Rhee-Ohn since, hehe, Americans. You know the shit you do with ‘em? Hehe, yeah, heya [Vlayademir] when the dude’s Włodzimierz or someshit.”
“Oh. I still have the pants. Hey, [lucky you], otherwise I’d have probably answered the door in my [favorite boxers].” He moved behind a divider, and his tone became serious. “They’re ve~ry important to me,. Got a bunch of Pikachus on ‘em in all these rainbow colors. Su~per fucking cute.”
“Anyways, yeah. [Co-Host BS is all a bit.] It’s fun to play influencer character for a whi~le, but. Not exactly [feels the most real], you know? Inauthentic on purpose gets old.”
‘Marion’ walked out, now in a pair of tights and basketball shorts cut up to the waist. Konan could see basically all of his legs. This man’s everything was so alien to Konan that he may as well have said he was from Mars.
“So, Konan, why you here? Surely it’s not to ask for the hand of [lil ol’ me], yeah?” He sat down, putting his chin on his hands and batting his eyes behind his impenetrable sunglasses.
“No!” Konan spat, then froze. “I-I mean. What- I- How do you know my name.”
Marion relaxed back, pointing at him with a painted nail(!) “Nametag.”
Oh. He was wearing his nametag. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.
“Ya know, the gig is wa~y lamer than you’d think. I’m expecting uh, [fuckin’ around, taking pics], and hey, India’s kinda my home, too. But like. Wig.” He yanked off his hair, Konan watching in horror at his hair, dyed in tiger stripes. “‘[Go up to Guwahati like, every two weeks] to redye. The boss is actually is that fuckin’ scary. And then I have to go around town [clownin’ myself] which, aight, that’s the bag, that’s the [gri~nd], but, cringe. But then there the [big bad bodyguard] she picked up too.” He rummaged in his bag, the contents hidden from Konan’s view. “Has some sorta beef. It’s fucked.”
Konan saw an opportunity to actually get some info. “Drama? I…thought he was the best operative in the city?”
“Oh? [You want the tea?] He’s a hardass. [My way or the highway], like he has to be The Guy. And dude’s shorter than me, 5’11”, he still looks down on me. Gets re~al snippy too if you fuck up at ALL. Like, he says some shit cattier than Belarusian meatloaf, and then it’s [oh on-site real time feedback blah blah blah]. He’s [kind of a bitch] with everyone else, but damn, what’s your problem, dude? Hey, want a water bottle?”
Konan fumbled the water bottle pitched at him. It was uncomfortably warm. He glanced to Marion. Konan wrenched it open, choking it down as quickly as he could, spilling some onto his shirt. Body temp. He looked at Marion when he finished. Hoping he noticed, hoping he approved.
He was messing in his bag. Marion pulled out a vape, only now glancing at Konan. He took a long hit. He hadn’t even noticed.
The voice of 「Deadly Beauty」 slithered into his ear, the manifestation of it idling behind him, invisible to everyone, his torment only for him. ”What are you expecting? Waterboarding yourself to impress him? You should be lucky he didn’t notice.”
Marion blew bubblegum-scented smoke into the air, looking through Konan. “Hey man. Can you like, [shut the fuck up].” Konan felt his face go slack, eyes wide. “...Oh, no, not you lma~o. I’m talking….”
He waved to the ghost of 「Deadly Beauty」 on Konan’s shoulder which hadn’t even properly formed. Nobody could see it in this state but him. “The thing that was cackling when you fumbled the bouquet earlier. And the uh, hissing shit. Can you make it stop? It’s harshing my buzz. Or will in five minutes.” He glanced down at the vape in his hand, holding it up. “Wanna hit? This shit’ll get you fucked UP.”
The walls were closing in, the echoes of his NOPENOTTHAT the thing that wanted to STOP HIM from living NORMALLY growing louder, like it was incensed. Marion sat, pouting as the sound increased. Somehow. SOMEHOW. “How—you shouldn’t hear it.”
“[TRU~E!] How do you get it to go away.”
“You can’t—you aren’t—how are—you shouldn’t—”
“Well I mean, other rubes are probably thinking they’re going [in~sane in the membrane], but I’m built DIFFERENT. But it’s pretty annoying. Like a [mos~quito] in my ear, you know?”
Konan blinked over and over, but Marion still was chilling. The thing that tormented him, this unstoppable threat that had infiltrated his soul to have something as awful as 「Deadly Beauty」, and this man laughed it off? An irritant?
Marion stretched, his torso flexing. He pulled on a jacket that still didn’t have any hint of modesty, leaning forward to meet Konan’s gaze. “Whatever. So anyways.” He stood up, walking forward. “You still ain’t told me. Why the hell are you here.”
Pico stood his ground. “The fuck?!”
“Language.” Mithra took out his phone, glancing down. “Tsk. Oh well, if that isn’t finished I can take care of that after.”
“So what’s ‘that’, huh?” Pico probed, hoping for some information to slip. Mithra’s glance said he was wise to the ploy. Pico continued, trying to feel out what was going on. “What’s your Stand do, turn you into a dumpster truck?” Silence. Pico’s face turned red. “So, going all out? Have to use your full power against a kid?”
“You really aren’t like the woman who did…this, you know.” Mithra gestured to the arm in its sling. “She’d be attempting—no, she would be mauling me right now.”
“Like I can’t beat-” Cracked again. “-beat your ass?” He felt 「Don Caballero」 ready itself, this time aiming to wrap around and strangle the bodyguard.
“So, lame because I take you seriously?” Step. “Or lame because I don’t quake in fear?” Step. “Should I or should I not take you seriously, as a threat as a Stand user.” Step. “Do get your insults straight.”
Pico sneered, taking a step back, venom dripping from his voice. “Oh, shut the fuck up. You aren’t the big kid on the block! You aren’t untouchable! Any of that shit’s GONE. You got ripped up to shit! You think your scars make you look like a winner? Nobody cares how many times you win after you lose! You’re a washed up has-been and the only reason anyone still respects you is that other people haven’t REALIZED IT YET. If you come any closer, I’ll show you just how much of a terminal goddamn tailspin you’re in!”
Mithra gave him a look of recognition. That he understood. An almost mournful look. “Ah, you understand that. But I didn’t have to lose to be taught that. I never thought I’d have any reputation. I didn’t want it in the first place. That.” He looked into Pico’s eyes. “Would be pure and egregious arrogance.”
Pico saw red.
“Well, I will take you seriously. Ready yourself.” He stepped forward again, with his left foot. His bad arm was forward, he was well out of reach, and no Stand formed from him. He couldn’t do anything from—
Something was off.
「Don Caballero」 planted and spun a propeller on Pico, blowing him flat on his ass. His instincts were right. With a harrowing shear of fabric, something burst from Mithra. A gargantuan arm, its flesh tightening, straining as black claws the size of Pico’s hand scythed where his face had been the instant before. They would have torn off his face.
And then over his eyes was a foot. On instinct, 「Don Caballero」 rolled the two over, the thud of Mithra’s stomp landing right next to Pico’s ear. Pico saw the concrete around his foot had cracked into pieces and left a crater before he rolled down the hill. He righted himself, twigs and leaves in his hair. His heart pounded, adrenaline rushing through his system.
Mithra stood over him, dimly lit by the dawn. His form had changed. His arm stayed gargantuan, the left side of his shirt in ribbons. Mithra’s nose had changed, broadened into a feline ridge. The orange fur and black stripes of an apex predator, a tiger. Powerful, vital, able to fight even through the battlescars that covered him, over the horrible pink trough in his arm. His eyes were glowing, green…bored. Mithra looked down at Pico, annoyed and bored.
“Servicable trash talk. Now, may you please leave the premises?”
“What the fuck.” 「Don Caballero」 made another propeller, mincing a branch into wood chips as it hurled it through the blades. Mithra just moved his arm, covering his entire body as the shrapnel sunk in, covering him with hundreds of tiny puncture wounds. “I thought you were paralyzed!”
Mithra sighed, Pico watching in horror as the splinters were rejected, the wounds healing in seconds, as if nothing had happened. “The nerves are kind enough to reconnect in this…form.” He spat the last word. “Mr. Che-Tamburo, it’s a shame. You really should be in school right now.”
He dove right at Pico. 「Don Caballero」 prepared to intercept and suplex him, but at the last moment, Mithra grabbed a tiny branch. Instead of snapping it to pieces he pivoted, his dive turned into a scything roundhouse. A claw formed on his big toe to carve up 「Don Caballero」’s unprepared form. It leaned away back just in time, putting another branch it was holding in the way, but the edge of the claw grazed it.
Pico howled in agony as his face opened up, screaming incoherent expletives, and stopping.
Mithra had swung around, and there was an instant where he couldn’t dive back in. Pico had to go now now nownowNOWNOW—
Pico rocketed into the skies, a propeller on his back. He calmed, finally in his element.
Mithra was keeping up with him. He leaped from tree to tree, almost as skilled as Pico and faster than him. Every time Mithra landed, ripples in space around him as the energy distributed.
Pico already knew he was at terminal velocity. Maybe this was it. He was far over 「Her」 mansion now, and he spotted a patio. That seemed as good a place as any to hit the ground.
“Pfft, think that’ll work, Ko~nan?” Marion rolled his eyes. “[Ohhh, here’s a bunch of flo~wers, please take them.] Like, really? Oh, b-dubs the boss is MIA. [Just me and tightwad in this.]”
He sauntered around Konan, waving away the manifestation of 「Deadly Beauty」 and draping over him, trapping him. He talked into Konan’s ear. “So what was the plan. Threats? Like you’re [big fish] that the boss needs to give a shit about? Do you want a [bi~g prommy we ain’t going to fuck with you?] Maybe just use that big boy bow and we leave town. Pfft.”
Marion sauntered around Konan. “I mean, I can tell [you] what I get out of all of this. Shits and giggles. Li~ke, [it’s re~ally funny] to watch people freak the fuck out about their secrets. Shit, I don’t even get to know any real dirty deets. So, you come here to threaten me or [just a social visit].”
Heart racing, eyes locked ahead, Konan heard less and less of what Marion was saying. He stared open mouth, open eyed at Marion, unable to comprehend his actions. Finally he managed, “I’m. Okay.”
“...Bet.” Marion walked up to Konan, gently taking his hand, sunglasses to eyes. Konan’s heart was beating out of his chest, looking down. “So. You’ve given me nothing of why you’re here~”
Konan looked down at Marions’ abs, panicking. He was HOLDING his hand and he KNEW about the Buzz, and he KNEW about everything and he can HEAR IT.
Marion continued. “So. Can you uh, fucking leave?”
“Ayo? Earth to Konan?” He snapped his fingers in front of Konan’s unfocused eyes. Konan was TRAPPED. He was KEEPING Konan there, he wasn’t safe, he wasn’t safe and he had to leave, he was trapped and Marion shouldn’t be doing this Konan shouldn’t be LETTING him he needed to leave.
Marion frowned as Konan’s grip unconsciously tightened. “[Yeah, sure. Give me nothing.] Hey, you’ve overstayed your welcome, so. Uh, out.” He gently tried to extricate himself. “Weirdo.”
Konan needed to escape he needed to leave what was Marion doinghe shouldn’tbelike that there was something WRONG with Marion he was WRONG Konan needed him to FUCKING STOP he was under ATTACK.
“Hm. We’re going now.” Marion tugged harder to pull Konan from the door. In an instant, Konan sprung from statuesque stillness to action, pulling out an arrow from his quiver and jamming it into Marion’s forearm, letting go, wiping his hand as if it was covered in shit. “Sissy!” Konan screamed, a dam of emotion and stress breaking, tears falling down his face. “Punk!” He thumped Marion in the chest, Marion too stunned to retaliate or stop him.
Konan slammed into the door to the courtyard. Before he opened it, he turned to Marion, “Slut! Stay the fuck away from me!”
With that, he bolted, trying to find somewhere to go and leaving Marion stunned. After a second, Marion picked up his bag, taking out the massive jar of ginger he’d purloined from Konan. “Kobe!” He winced as the jar smashed on the floor, and shrugged.
As he walked out, he spotted a mask he’d bought earlier, a stylized human face. “Fuck it.” He muttered, tying it to the back of his head as he followed Konan out.
Konan ran out right as Pico landed on the patio, the two staring at each other. Konan hurriedly wiped tears from his eyes, Pico forcing his expression to pretend the cut on his face was no big deal.
Marion marched out the door, up to Konan. He gestured, arrow still in his arm. “Hey, what the FUCK, man? It’s fuckin’ current year, not the [fuckin’ 1900s]— oh hey Peecs.” He waved to Pico.
“Who the fuck are you?”
He gestured with his wig. “Marion, Co-Host, good job not getting mauled so far! Anyways—”
As he turned to confront Konan more, the roof behind Konan shattered, Mithra slamming through and landing behind Konan, fully human and expression murderous. Konan screamed, turning to punch Mithra on reflex; Mithra merely swatted Konan away. Pico caught the flailing man, Konan stunned for a moment at the violence before wailing in fear anew.
“Shut up.” Mithra barked, then glared down Marion. “Marionetka, why on earth is that one still conscious enough to irritate me with his screaming.”
“I was getting to that, Narasimha! Taking my time, putting the moves on—”
“That. Is. Mithra to you. The moves?” Mithra sneered, stripes momentarily rippling on his face. “Were you…flirting with an intruder?”
“What? No!” Marion motioned at Konan. “Him?”
“Do you expect me to believe he brought that bow as a toy?”
“He fucking stabbed me! With this arrow!”
”Do you expect me to believe he was not vulnerable at any point previous to ambush?”
“I—I mean, it was like, I took a jar of ginger! A huge one!”
Mithra looked over to Konan, who seemed to suddenly have some wires connect in his brain, pulling out small jars of sliced and diced ginger.
“Huh.” Marion mused. “Thought it was garlic. My b.”
“I have told you, MULTIPLE times, that in the case of an intruder you should DEAL with them. I fail to see how a reedy florist with no plan should be able to escape after stabbing you, and you merely start arguing once he stalls out a few meters away. Should I assume anything other than gross incompetence from a deeply unserious mooch that despite being next to one of the most skilled women in the entire world still can’t even manage ONE simple task correctly?
“I don’t NEED—” His eyes flared, slamming his now-transformed fist deep into Marion’s gut. Marion’s bones audibly cracked, Mithra launching him well over the two intruders, him and his bag bouncing multiple times off the ground with sick thuds. Mithra glared at him, eyes blazing.
He fixed his tie. Now his voice was low, in a corralled growl vibrating with sheer frustration. “—some amateur fairy getting in my way.”
He brought up his arm, holding the wooden mask Marion was wearing. “I believe I told you to throw this away.” The mask crumpled in his hand.
Marion breathed heavily, looking up. Mithra looked at him with naked disgust. Konan had that with some extra paralyzing fear. Pico looked down at him with a sneer. Marion smiled, voice a little too bright. “He~y, wanna make it three for three?”
Pico scoffed. Why not? “Yeah, all I’m wondering is if the Skittle Squad is doing orange hair and pronouns now. Your boss got a theme going on? Hey, Konan, dunno why you’re here, but how this clown college reject give you trouble?”
“Damn! Nice burn!” Marion clapped his hands. "Even got the pronouns right! He/it! My turn! As the only man here strong enough be out!"
His face dropped, expression deadly serious. He looked at Mithra. "Everyone can see it." At Konan. "There is something wrong with you and it is all your fault." At Pico, his sneer frozen in place. "Everyone will hate you for it. All of you hate me, yeah." His voice was cold. "And none of you, none of you, will ever know love. You will die, bitchless or married to some poor lady who deserves better than you, alone."
He cackled. "[Haha! Nah, that's just a prank bro! A theory! A game theory!] A bit! Just like the mask!"
"A bit." Mithra shook himself, seething, eyes glowing, claws gripping the banister.
Marion giggled. "Yep! Woodsmen use 'em for tigers. They're ambush predators; trick ‘em with a mask, they're less likely to pounce! Heehee! They're supposed to work with Matchadus—weretigers—too! Didn't for me! Thought you'd figure it out, Narasimha, and normally I tease The Bag, but…."
His eye flashed brightly. For the first time, the three saw a lens on its sunglasses had broken, an alien eye underneath. Its smile peeled wider, jaw detaching from its face. Its so-called skin peeled to reveal cotton backing, subtle purple lines shining bright to the bag it held. Its foot fell off. Its arm unpeeled, [as it pulled down the zipper](「Deadly Beauty」) to reveal organs spilling out. Marion removed two ribs, slotting them in and tossing away the broken bones.
"「New Skin」. That’s what I am. […Anyways! I’m s’possed to beat the shit out of you!] Sorry for the fuckup, Mithra, but I prommy I'm taking my job serious now!" It staggered, body warbling.
Mitra grit his fangs, taking a deep breath, staggered by this display. "Shut. Up."
Pico watched in horror as the 'Co-Host' unpeeled in front of him. He heard a humming Konan seeming to drone some tone. He grabbed Konan. "Hey. Cover me."
Konan was unresponsive. Pico didn't have time for this. He slapped the florist. "Hey!"
That got Konan. "What! What?"
"Wake the fuck up! We're in this shitpit together! Do something!"
Pico slapped him again. "Get it together, you wanna get mauled by some fuckin' furries?"
Konan screeched. "Ginger! Ginger! The big ones' weak to ginger! Mithra!"
"That's something. Get ready."
Konan nodded, ignoring the drone in his ears and nocking an arrow. Trust the process, he just had to get through this, and everything would be okay. Please.


(Credit to u/CaptainSpooky27!)
Location: The veranda and patio of a mansion overlooking a steep hill. More information in the link.
Additional Information: Konan starts the match with two jars of ginger.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents!
Team Combatant JoJolity
Going in a Tailspin Pico Che-Tamburo “My heart is like the ‘Apollo 11’... I’m going to overcome you.” What did the old timer say, that you weren’t like that monster that defeated him? But you can be. Embody a ‘monster’!
Going in a Tailspin Konan Gau “It’s far more than a simple ‘nail’... it’s a ‘tusk’.” You can’t lose. If you lose here, everything, everything will collapse utterly. You can’t be useless here. Prove to your partner your use, and make your mark on the battle! (Character Specific)
The Smiling Tigers Narasimha Mithra ”Hold it! I’ll show you just how frightening an evil spirit can be.” Fine. You’ve been forced this far by a child and two fools, so why hold back? If every one of your attempts to hold onto yourself have seemed to fail, then do what you must to move forward. Embody a ‘monster’!
The Smiling Tigers Marionetka “Co-Host” J ”I’ve never seen tropical fish swimming in a human body before! That’s hilarious! I’m gonna shoot a video of this! Gahahaha!” You’ve had enough of Fraud-tra acting like an asshole, time to prove you ain’t just a pretty mass of flesh. Prove to your partner your use, and make your mark on the battle! (Character Specific)
Link to Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2023.11.09 23:08 Accomplished_Ad6415 Alexa miro and sandro marcos

May nag chika dito about kay sandro marcos is a woman beater so najombag nya na ba to? Kasi there's a time nakita ko may pasa,
Sila pa din ata tsaka para sa pagkaka alam ko naging expensive lifestyle ni girl simula nung masama sya kay sandro although i know na may kaya naman daw eto si alexa from what i heard but hindi ganito ngayon i just stalk din her mom and family parang upper middle class lifestyle lang naman and sa ex nya parang nag break sila para ipalit kay sandro 😆 kahit gwapo ex nya mukhang wala naman pera nagtataka ako kasi narinig kong chismis e si ate girl mo naka penthouse daw narining yung pangalan sa isang building sa proscenium " alexa miro for delivery " dahil nagpa deliver ng food so sabi ng manager afford naman ang almost 200 million na penthouse daw nya kasi mayaman din daw hindi ako naniniwala kasi may may chismis and BI yung marites university about sa kanila na live in na so i think yung penthouse kay sandro yun you can see some of the part ng penthouse sa tiktok ni alexa,
And hindi lang yun naging side chick rin pala ni sandro si franki russell o diba grabe eto ang chika umattend silang dalawa sa eddy's award night last year (look at their instagram uploaded yung picture na umattend sila) but ang nangyari nakita si franki lang sinundo ni sandro while si alexa kasama umuwi yung showbiz friends nya so ayun etong si sandro e bumibisita sa condo ni franki na malapit din sa condo nya this is the reason why hindi ako naniniwala na bisexual or gay sya kasi kahit mukhang tong kulogo fuckboy to babaero tignan nyo yung following ni sandro sa instagram grabe puro babaeng naka hubad lol.
So ayun anyway nalaman ni ate gurl na tong si sandro may isa pa hindi lang pala sya kay ig story to si gurl na about cheating mga november ata yun kasi nakita ko din yung ig story nya naka follow ako sa kanya so ayun parang nagka-kutob ako ay parang may nangyari haha ayun nga confirm nag BI si about sa tatlo, akala ko naman break na yung dalawa ay hindi may confrontation palang naganap so etong si alexa kinausap si franki na para ipaalam na sila pa ni sandro wala naman najombagan sa kanilang dalawa ni franki at alexa so ang naging aksyon ni franki ay umiwas kay sandro at ngayon naman and chika e si sandro hinahabol habol daw si franki e etong si franki meron nang iba may na foreigner din ata, Akala ko makikipag break si alexa ay hindi siguro inisip nya yung lifestyle and connection na meron sya ngayon at kapag wala na sila e wala na rin yun e kaya nga nasa eat bulaga etong si gurl e kaya din naging co host sya sa tropang lol dati simula nung na-link sya kay sandro, kaya may BI etong marites university about kay alexa ang lakas daw ng kapit, e yung tropang lol ang alam ko ang may ari nun e tatay ni javi benitez na kaibigan netong ni sandro na jowa naman ni sue ramirez kaso nga lang si alexa nun absenera sa show nila palaging sumasama kay sandro nuon, ang chika din e hindi gusto ng first family si alexa lalo na si first lady tutol daw sya sa relasyon nito siguro pinag back groung check nya etong si gurl kaya ayaw nya,
Si sandro din nagpa stop ng show ni alexa sa netflix na bold ulit na finilm pa sa europe hush mountain yung title, yung movie e may threesome scene with frontal nudity mas intense daw eto kaysa sa una BI ng pep to, Tapos ang chika nalaman ni sandro sa kapwa congresman ata na high end escort tong si gurl 80k per night si alexa now i know bakit naging friends sila ni chie and barbie from what i heard si barbie 300k naman ata so ayun group of friends silang mga high end escorts kaya rin pala may sex video or scandal etong si alexa kasi nuon medyo chubby pa sya nun na mukhang after shoot e gumawa pa ng after service hindi ko alam sino yung guy sa video pero kumalat yun ulit tas dineny nya sa ig story after nun kumalat nag delete sya ng ig acc kasi inupload yung scandal sa ig tas nakatag pa sa kanya marami pa akong nasagap na chismis kaso tinatamad nako mag type hahaha
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2023.11.09 05:49 srhgross finallyyy

5000 years!! it took me a couple of idle weeks lol. now time to invest in crypto w my billions. any advice appreciated, never had a trillion!
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2023.11.09 05:32 Due-Difficulty-3096 Unbelievable situation / Venting

Hey, I'm just looking for some guidance or even small tips to cope with my unusual "problem". I'm a 27 year old male, I'm built normal, work physical and exercise about 3 times a week. I'm not educationally smart but I think I'm above average with practical stuff, I enjoy handy work etc. Hygiene is very good and I try to look sharp every time I exit the house.
This probably sounds like a virgin story but I assure you it's not.
I have just never had oral sex, which bothers me to some point. Because at this point and age, if I had the opportunity I would get anxious because I have zero clue what it's like.
I have a close friend who was always a freak at all such of erotic stuff and he goes deep into his weekend stuff, and I'm not gonna lie (he is a good storyteller) I get excited about both girls and boys while doing any sort of oral position or what comes next.
I got laid twice, last time almost 7 years ago and I try to hit up girls at pubs, parties and so forth. I even got myself a crush at the airport in August and we got touchy between the Gates before boarding our planes with no information on each other. I don't make enough money to even have an escort at this point even tho I should prioritize and find my preference who definitely would have made my dream true.
But at that thought I get anxious even more severe, i dont know if I will even react different from female to male and that sets me off even though I wouldn't have hesitated if someone handled it without thought. Might I be gay or Bi?
I feel like I'm getting distant from work, family and my buddies from this small thing, I oftenly watch porn specifically for blowjobs and cumming in mouths, I can't remember last time i fapped to normal softcore porn. It's affecting my sleep, focus, job and relationship to my friends who wonders why I won't go out for a drink or dinner with the lads
Especially after I got self aware of my problem of giving/receiving oral my mental health has decreased significantly, and I can't really speak it out because it sounds very stupid.
I don't know if anyone has any clue about how I feel but this is probably the only place I can stay anonymous.
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